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April 30, 2010 - 12:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Fabulous shape, handsome and great choice of briefs - blue (my favourite colour).   Love to see more.

  • Paul

    Hey man, your really perfect, handsome and sooo hot. Wanna have look into your underwear ...

  • eddie

    Great pic man and I love your underwear!

  • Drew

    really though? a beanie?

  • diego

    mmmmmmmm so hot!!

  • omar

    woah babe.. you are hot! do you want to exchange pictures??

  • Jose

    wow you are very gorgeous!

  • Josh

    Hmm do you have a brain or is it all body?

  • leo

    WOW man. you are so DAMN HOT!!!!

  • jj

    Damn You are so fuckin hot dude. Love to lick every inch of that hard body.

  • Dev

    Hot Man! You posted this pic before. Give us & show some more !

  • niceguy

    Damn dude! Perfect

  • Mike hawk

    very nice bod.

  • jonny0610

    Cute, not really a brief fan, but you can pull them off.

  • suskeihattori

    fuckin GORGEOUS dude...

  • Carter - youserviceme@gmail

    damn! marry me ... I want everyone to say how&aposd he get that guy! more pics dude ... absolutely beautiful!

  • Mimi

    Holly Jesus Christ, ur hot.... Can u be my trainer?

  • Anonymous

    Woah. Congrats to you, man.

  • Carlos

    All I can say is wow.. Amazing

  • saintfiacre

    oh my fucking god. work out much? wow! and cute to boot! let that thing out to play!

  • rex

    take a bow -

  • Adam

    hot as hell

  • Navi

    Omg are you for real never seen anything like this before !! Beatiful a true model man, hit me up

  • Pedro

    fuck dude love your bod...shit man for real that body is fit!

  • Great pic dude !

  • jason

    What I wouldn&apost give to snuggle up to that.
    ( And more ) Very hot!

  • vonn

    oh babe! I would hit on you in a heart beat!

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