Guys With iPhones

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April 30, 2010 - 01:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • val

    @THONY HE DID!!!!

  • DILF

    love out the outfitt and you are super cute too

  • Mr. Photo

    you are really cute in all the pics. Great smile.

  • JPE

    those lips! Mmmmm! Shave your head and you&aposd be unstoppable!

  • LAPlace

    Such a cute boy next door. Which is convenient because I won&apost have to go far when I want to fuck you.

  • jojo

    cute, adorable, i bet ur a real screamer in bed yeah? hehe ;)

  • PJAY

    So very adorable. I&aposd almost feel bad stripping you down and fucking you...almost...

  • Drew

    you have sexy lips

  • STUD

    That&aposs what I call a STUD, mmhmm hm your gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    Deft man put some showing some skin

  • russ

    You get the best smile award, cutey.
    Gimme a kiss !

  • thony

    you should post sexy picture in just underwears..

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