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Austin Sykes (from RandyBlue)

April 30, 2010 - 05:45 AM
Austin Sykes (from RandyBlue) on Guys with iPhones
  • meme

    not austin, check out the tats, they different. this guy is hot

  • Me

    Damn... nice thick thighs.. and ass for days! Austin.. let&aposs fuck!

  • Keith

    Look at that ass!

  • rgncajun

    He looks like he has a nice fat booty!

  • Superman

    Daddy daddy daddy! Fuck me daddy! Love ur tats too!

  • gillette

    thanks, austin, for keeping us in business.

  • pete

    Wow with that smile I would let him fuck me until the end of time !!

  • InShockandAwe

    I love ball players

  • suskeihattori

    DEFINITELY my favorite of the two... ONLY because of the pants. The body is gorgeous, but the polyester is hugging ALL the right places. F**kin LOVE strong legs. MORE please.

  • Adam

    Is that a jockstrap? Please drop your drawers and turn around.

  • mikey

    So hot... but what&aposs up with the pink iphone case?

  • Dev

    Now that&aposs a Grand Slam !

  • elroy_j

    Not usually an ass man, but holy bubblicious, Batman!

  • guy

    daaaamn check that ass1 you gotta come to norway man!

  • invaderspooge

    lovely thighs, great big ass! ;)

  • Jeremiah

    Damn- You&aposre nothing short of a masterpiece of Holy engineering.

  • Hb

    Wow! Damn hot! Let&aposs see more pics of you in your baseball uniform!

  • NZer

    Holy hot beefcake with gorgeous smile batman! PHWOAR! Perfection!

  • ...

    Austin Sykes!!!!!!! He works for RandyBlue. Hot as hell

  • Anonymous


  • Carter - youserviceme@gmail

    damn fine specimen ... let&aposs see more ...

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