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April 30, 2010 - 10:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tnrnr

    Nice cock Chris Coker!

  • JDair

    Is it too much to ask to find one of those in Iowa? Thats beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    Would love to put that in my mouth!

  • JT_UK

    always a pleasure seeing ur cock around here :)

  • jj

    love to suck on that big cock

  • Noah


  • Jim

    yummy cock

  • Fj

    Beautiful perfect cock. guys what does cock taste like. a big finger. i mean is there a diff texture salty. what is it that u like about sucking just knowing your sucking cock. i never had but want to

  • Anonymous

    i know u!!! so hot!!!!!!! i love u!!!!!so much

  • Nitebird

    I remember YOUUUU...I think...the cock...the curtains....something is vaguely reminiscent. :-)

  • Cadillac


  • BJ

    I recognize the drapes. And yes, you have a big dick; thanks for sharing again.

  • Aganippus

    quiero! quierooooooooooo!!!

  • redmaple

    Purely and simply superb!! For once, someone left the hair on their balls.

  • Dave

    Thank god your bk I have had so many wanks over your pics your amazing cock I love it more naked with full bodie please xxx

  • JoshS

    Penile perfection.

  • Jeremiah


  • Rater

    Fucking yummy. It&aposs they guy with the red drapes again.

  • Alex

    Can&apost believe...... My dreams came true!!!!!!! Could suck it forever

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