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May 2, 2010 - 01:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Penetrator

    Ok, ok... God bless Photoshop..!! Analyze..!!

  • touchmonkey

    i like the 300 poster on the wall

  • chas

    EEK! J/K - that thing is fantastic!!

  • Anonymous

    great dick baybe

  • Arthuribeiro

    OMG! mt bom! e mt grande **-*

  • Tone, I just popped a boner.

  • Horny17

    Holy fuck seriously!!? Now dats what I call perfeck fuck me pls...

  • justin

    now Im hard!

  • kix

    black men are really hot!! show me more

  • thaze

    please come find me i suck dick and swallow

  • AJ

    Face revealed:

  • Mfdacosta

    Feed my ass papa

  • Sam

    what a messy room!


    Fuck that&aposs a hot pic dude. Love that big fat cock

  • TJ

    Omg, you&aposre HOT.

  • gb

    nice,plump and smooth just like i like em, yummm..Photoshopped the tatoo away I see....

  • cucori

    so good !! i whant to fuck you!!!

  • Anonymous

    Stop!!! He&aposs hot and hung get over it

  • Anon

    You know he has a great body.. And a great dick.. But its been shopped.. Not a ton but if you are an experienced editor in digital arts you can see all of the telltale signs that the average person won&apost even know are there. That is why we get paid to do what we do.. and you don&apost.

  • damn LOVE the body it hell hot

  • Tori

    OMG add me

  • Anonymous

    its photoshopped, i dont care what u say, in a dream world, that dick is hott, absolutely, but being my profession, and my schooling has been in digital arts, i would say , i know that this is a little helped in that area

  • Badboyz2

    It is real!! Thank God!

  • Dru

    I don&apost care if it is PS or real. I want me some Iron Man.

  • Robbo

    I agree with TD, it&aposs not photoshopped at all but I reckon it&aposs been pumped. But I wouldn&apost mind finding out for sure with my mouth!

    Incredibly body so who really cares?

  • james

    IRON MAN!! ...... supppperr nice

  • Ryan

    really hot, probably not but if u want to exchange

  • TD

    i&aposd a designer and a cock connoisseur. that&aposs not photoshopped ... maybe pumped but not photoshopped. regardless, i want it. real fuckin bad.

  • john

    very nice body and great cock!!

  • David


  • nek

    hooooooly freekn crap! - 1st thought - photoshop,..2nd omg thats not photoshopped 3rd thought - he mus pass out when he gets hard,..too much blood loss?

  • hello iron man!

  • Jason

    It&aposs real...they are rare but seem em that big before. The first guy I ever had sex with was even BIGGER - ugh.

  • mark

    ok, come to the front of the line with that huge piece of SWEET FUCK MEAT!!! i bet your hot sweet load taste so damn good... gulp gulp.... :O come over and open tight ass with that huge dick anytime!!!

  • Joe Days

    I was thinking more along the lines that a penis pumped was used on his dick not that it was Photoshoped. Anyways he has a hot bod.

  • Anonymous


  • K

    just gotta love iron man. too bad it&aposs badly photoshopped =(

  • Anonymous

    photoshopped or penis pumped

  • rileyR

    Too bad - such a gorgeous body, and the dick has been photoshopped. Was that necessary?...

  • PM

    Anonymous, if you can&apost tell that&aposs photoshoped, you have bigger issues

  • Todd

    photoshop or not (I think NOT) that is one HOT pic. dude you are def gifted, but clearly you do the work too. WOW i would love to taste that pretty dik.. simply banging body! thanks for the post. as a shaver of pubes myself... I love the smooth look!

  • Superman

    I love u iron man

  • BB

    Christ thats just ENORMOUS!!!!!!

  • whudup82

    i have never commented on a photo. but fuck. i mean.... i&aposm still speechless. where the hell do you live? I&aposm actually an attractive young gay guy, not that that means anything, but you definitely made my head turn, ha.
    - p

  • Mark

    Uhm, you can tell its been messed with considering the other half of his V is like...gone.

  • Brian

    OMG!!! Nice body and love your cock!!

  • steve

    Hit me up

  • Anonymous

    i swear to god! all u bitchy little queens are forever screaming photoshop when a fella has a big cock. sorry but guys are allowed to have a bigger dick than you

  • andy


  • RAY

    Hello Real Iron Man

  • tbone0726

    oh my goodness!!!

  • Aganippus

    Papi te arreglo tu pieza, si. Me gustaria divertirme contigo...

  • javier

    holy shit…get it hard and show us the real iron man!

  • cntrlnjguy

    Dude now thats BIG and TASTY

  • Dev

    Geez weren&apost you blessed by the Gods !! Bang&aposin cock. & body ! Let&aposs do some bang&aposin together !

  • Will

    all photo-shopped. why?

  • frankee

    Dang!...I&aposve never wanted Iron Man like I do now...this is my Suoerhero....Big n Powerful where it counts....

  • DLJ


  • ericli


  • Anonymous


  • nick

    lol, photoshop much?


    now thats nice papi..would love to trade with you..

  • Joe

    God bless u

  • Sgreywolf

    Nice body, but did you have to shave?

  • glen

    Nice, Nice cock shame it&aposs bald!

    And that stupid IronMan2 mask has got to go!!

  • yo

    damn that looks really good =]

  • JAM78

    God DAMN! Please take me and use me.

  • DJ

    You fake it!

  • Mikhail

    Omg that looks too damn good!!

  • wow

    i wont lie its hott, but it looks photoshopped!, its very blurred and stretched!

  • redmaple

    Holy Mother of Jesus, do they really get that big?

  • Navi

    Are you kidding me??? Seriously amaizing dude !! That&aposs the perfect size hit me up iron man

  • blk

    southern dude ,low,discreet,masc and deafnetly rare get at me

  • BriaNL

    O M G... speechless

  • pump&aposd

    i pump myself and I can tell that its pumped

  • tight ass

    fuck me hard like a bitch

  • John W.

    Young, amazing body and a thick dick. This boy is gifted!

  • vonn

    That&aposs what I call a "fat cock" my goodness!

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