Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
May 31, 2010 - 04:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • C

    Put your daddy&aposs uniform back in the closet!

  • T-Bone

    Your hot

  • Shabbadoo

    @Jimmy: Yeah, he was in Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with Channing Tatum as well.
    Cool dude!

  • niceguy

    Oh the thoughts that are running through my mind right now... ;)

  • PcW

    @Bob: First thing I saw was the collar brass. It&aposs not even on there right. Well, one of them is.

  • bb king

    Fuck them all, I think your HOT...

  • Butch Leo

    "Some day when I grow up I want to be a police man." Gessh..good attempt to try to butch yourself up dude, but sorry, the costume just doesnt&apos cut it. Try a dress!

  • R

    hmm I think we met before drop me a line.

  • D. A.

    Arrest me and frisk me too!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    hey, you were in that channing tatum movie; Fighting.

  • freo_boy_83

    Bend me over officer, I have been a bad boy :P

  • Bob

    lol what&aposs with your duty belt? Get some belt keepers, man. And your gun is practically on your back. Move to forward. Same thing with the magazine pouches. Cinch up the belt and put on belt keepers to KEEP it in place. Unless, ya know, you don&apost want to be ready when you need it.

  • JK

    Bah, Explorers don&apost get guns. Only us big boys get &aposem. ;)

  • dk

    That has to be a halloween costume..

  • John Jr

    Well i guess you know what TV cop i&aposm thinking of....wrong Ponch & John from CHiPs

  • Stuffed


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