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May 31, 2010 - 09:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • $85573419

    Wow, I am lubed up and ready to take that amazing cock

  • lundon aubry


  • oscar

    OmG that looks so good i want to suck on that Cock all night...

  • antony

    I rather like those striped trousers you are wearing - where did you get them sexy boy?

  • diego

    I love this penis!!

  • Put That inside me


    I want that in my ass

  • Shay Shay


  • K

    Very impressive! Please tell me you live in New York.

  • suskeihattori

    that is one NICE cockmeat sandwich that i&aposd LOVE to snack on. i just cant say it any other way

  • Anonymous

    you are too kind!

  • JOnny0610


  • Sydney

    obviously photoshopped

  • Glasgow1975

    obviously not

  • mikey

    That is one HUGE piece of meat!

  • John W.

    What an amazing cock! Long, thick, veiny, and uncut. The perfect dick!

  • Marco

    Your have a cute dick. Lol

  • Geronimo

    Rico pene papito!


    that is more of a fire hose than a cock! my ass is on fire, please help

  • SO hot

    wish you wouldn&apost trim so much...

    it&aposs the blonde hair that so FUCKEN hot!

  • Noah

    Absolutley Perfection =P

  • Fino

    Does it get hard?

  • Rakesh

    Damn!! You look great...

  • OmahaMatt

    Real hot.

  • Wingnux

    What a MONSTER! I&aposm in love!

  • Anonymous

    Wowza and double Wowza!! That is just plain beautiful.

  • hrst

    i usually do not go for guys with trimmed pubes, but that cock is just delicious!

  • John

    DelIcious!!!! Show us ur face hottie!!!

  • Twitter: Cleeeeiton


  • Giorgio Pasqua

    that&aposs a beautiful, thick uncut cock! i want to suck on that big hood.

  • Rob

    Beautiful dick - even with the foreskin pushed back. And great manscaping - love red hair!

  • outbacknt

    good work!

  • ron

    Its huge! I love it!

  • TyinTenn

    G&aposdang! I can hear it calling me that juicy uncut thing! Love your hot tight chest too!

  • Beast


  • E

    Thats one fucking hot dick. I woul love to wrap my lips aRound that or better yet wrap my ass cheeks around it. FUCKING HOT !!!

  • marc de sade

    That has got to be the all-time most beautiful cock, ever!

  • Absolutely beautiful skin! Would lick it till it shined.

  • David

    Damn! That&aposs nice!

  • jason

    Wow ! How did you know what I wanted.

    Thank you!

  • Jeremiah

    Damn dude... You&aposre truly gifted.. My respect!

  • mpinmaui

    Big, meaty and yummy... bet you have an adorable face to go with that hot ginger cock! Thanks for the smile...

  • bucky619

    Fill me up, please!

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