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June 30, 2010 - 07:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Great V-shape and muscular front and interesting joggy bottoms cock bulge.  I saw a couple of good cock bulges yesterday here in Scotland - great stuff.

  • jonny0610


  • CGHJ

    Jeebuz Effing Christ!!!!

  • Marco

    Hi sweety! i&aposd like to chat with you! if you want mail me at! i could teach you italian! ;)
    i&aposm 20 y.o.

  • Marco

    Hi sweety! if you want have an italian perfriend mail me at, maybe i could teach you italian! ;)

  • MarkItalia

    get off those damn clothes!!! my angel!!!

  • M myers


  • anthony

    the V is so hot but you are hot as well so fucking hot

  • Dill

    hott! email me at

  • jonny0610


  • Anonymous

    poor eyesight? or a smudged screen? you&aposre holding the iphone awfully close to that handsome face of yours.

  • J

    got. dam.

  • James

    FUCK... That is all i have to say.


    Fuck u r hot

  • mike

    Ur Perfect just like that!!!!!

  • ButchLeo

    Perfection...with shaved pubes, nice, real nice. More please.

  • Anonymous

    Hey you. I will be stopping by tonight to give you a hot drilling session. See you soon

  • Geronimo

    Excelente! Sexy! Muy buena la foto!

  • BentBloke

    wow fuckin&apos wow

  • ryan -

    fucking incredible!

  • just saying

    Looks like you have been working on that body for a long time. You should be proud of what you have acomplished.

  • wow beautiful

  • juju

    hall of famer for sure. Please add.

  • ben

    very artistic shot, and a lot of work has gone into that very beautiful body of yours too. Stay away from the tatts, you can&apost improve on this work of art. very very nice. xx

  • Scott

    great body! nice head on that cock!

  • Brian

    OMG your hot... nice body love your V and you have a nice bulge!!!

  • Zebba

    hot dude very hot

  • alfaphucker

    hall of famer right off the start ;)

    love the imprint of your cock head against your sweatpants... but I bet you&aposve got a steel ass that matches the rest of your tight body.

  • paul

    hot love the outline send me more pics dude

  • What a beautiful peek. Won&apost you please take time to show more?

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