Guys With iPhones

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June 30, 2010 - 11:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • S

    give me one!!

  • AGB

    Can you get reception in that restroom?

  • Big al u just mad because u have bad credit and cannot get att service, because if you did you will have an iPhone just like 99.9% of us in this site.

  • I&aposm not making Steve Jobs rich, I have about 10 shares in Apple at about $279.00 a share not much but, I think I&aposm doing good. Go buy an iphone or an Apple product please, please! It&aposs my collection and I&aposm not giving them to no one!

  • Big Al

    must suck to have that many obsolete phones. LOL!!!!!

  • James

    To charity? Are you serious? iPhones are expensive because of their plans not the phone itself (in most cases). So this guy has 4. His money. His choice.

  • Jake

    Why dont you donate a phone to charity instead of making yourself look like a jackass by trying to "flash" your collection.

  • ced

    do u give all your money to steve jobs? calm down!

  • Teddy

    Uhm, alright playah...

  • ian

    cool collection

  • a

    the pretense of this photo is rather comical.

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