Guys With iPhones

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July 31, 2010 - 02:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • BRJ

    I'd love to rim your ass while you fuck my Bf like that.

  • YY

    I SO wanna eat your load out of his ass.

  • Thank God! Somneoe with brains speaks!

  • leroy

    now this is H-O-T! hope it was a good, deep, long ride.

  • Chris

    U should ad alot more send me some plz

  • Mohave

    I hope that&aposs a band-aid on your ankle.

  • xguyfr

    wow dude!! fuck me like that! ;)

  • stackxxx

    That&aposs soooooo fuckin sexxxy

  • Rick

    Let me see the dik

  • Daniel

    Hey. Send me a pic of just YOUR dick. I&aposd like to see that shit.

  • Rick

    Hey sexy, hit me up at

  • ButchLeo

    Ya you fuck the shit out of the white boi. Make him take daddys dick, over and over and over and over... pound him, nail him, grind him, make him beg for more... fuck.. is it gettn&apos hot in here?

  • dan

    money cant buy you class~

  • wow, hot pic, maybe I should submit some of mine ;-)

  • jonny0610

    Damn I wish I was that white boi!

  • suskeihattori

    missed the party and WISHING i was there...

  • Itsme

    Fuck that white boy! Damn. And that&aposs not a scram bracelet, looks like a bandage u fuckers.

  • DaSexybtm

    Put yo back into it...that&aposs what I need someone seriously into drilling a tiGht one!

  • john

    damn thats hot. i&aposd be your photographer in a hearbeat

  • KyBtm

    Is that a SCRAM anklet? Lohan really is a trendsetter!

  • rick from los angeles

    I&aposm next papo!

  • Real

    I would stop and take a pic too cause you doin da damn thing bru!

  • kevin

    I bet the guy under him had no clue he was taking this, lol.

  • chris

    that&aposs a creaming grunt fuck
    hard and deep

  • Mikey L

    DAMN Papi,,drill that lil white ass!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn looks like your trying to make some chocolate milk

  • Cndboy

    Amazing pic guys, looks like a perfect Saturday night to me!!

  • WIL

    oh my.......I wish!!!! Thanks!!

  • al

    House arrest...classy.

  • Nico

    dam hot shot buddy

  • rafe

    wow amazing

  • Adrevius

    damn, wish I was the white dude in this pic!

  • jay

    thats hot

  • mike

    fuck the crap out of that white boy, brother lol

  • Way to go! I wish the pic were sharper so the details were easier to see. Keep posting.

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