Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
July 31, 2010 - 07:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • ThatÂ’s really shrwed! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  • mj

    What a fun pic! Cute couple, too.

  • Jedi

    Is that scribbled paint on the wall? You should be ashamed of yourself. It&aposs not even GOOD graffiti!

  • Jayson

    Anyone here who hates on that guy in the front of the pic, should STFU, if they like each other, thats all that matters. How many of you are willing to show how "hot" you are. ??

  • Jackie

    The guy in the boxers is really hottt love that guy the dude in front of him shud chose one of theese: A.cosmetic surgery B. get the ever living hell out of that pic or C.shud have choosen NOT 2 be in that pic or D. all of the above

  • Chad

    this pic is awesome, the little guy is like, i know what ive got, and he&aposs mine, all mine! post some more pics guys!

  • Marlon

    You know, its really nice to see an interacial gay couple here - thanks for sharing boys!!!! :)

  • rodme

    great looking couple, its so cool that they play domination gaymes too :) interesting how some comments here cant get over the fact that the asian dude has a hot boyf, just jealous i guess! ignore the haters guys, i think its awesome u both posted ur pics here, thx :)

  • aaron


  • AB

    i saw you guys at home sweet home tonight! get at me

  • Aiden

    u both need to be naked

  • on the left

    I just woke up! ... it was a haggard morning

  • Nick

    Be nice you mean,spiteful bitches,the boys are giving you all a peek into there bedroom and all you do is be mean,think about if Perez Hilton can get laid by anyone(yuck),there is hope for everyone!

  • monty

    i love you guys!

  • candycanemassacre

    proof there&aposs hope for all of us

  • tj

    this is heading in a very good direction... VERY good, indeed ;)

  • willywonka

    What is that thing in front of him? Eyesore.

  • Chris

    Looks like someone loves bondage, from the bulge I&aposm guessing.

  • Nichollas F


  • jason

    Hot pic you guys .Next time no boxers.
    Please more pics.

  • Arthur Ribeiro

    Boy is very hot!

  • Novel idea. Please post more.

  • shirtless boy is beautiful

  • aldo

    the guy in boxers is fucking hot

  • aldo

    the boxers guy is hot :)

  • Curious

    Can jus the white guy be in the pics.

  • silver

    If I were you id be sucking his dick the 1 holding the iphone



  • starstattoo

    Are you two buddies or boyfriends?

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