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July 31, 2010 - 10:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • BRJ

    I'd love to watch you use my BF as your personal cum dump. Give it to him deep in the ass or all over his face. I want to see him get used by another guy so badly.

  • brad

    hangin good!

  • Anonymous

    i want suck it

  • Mark

    Cock and balls spectacular! Wow!!!!!

  • tazz

    Is that for me????

  • Jedi

    Nice floor tiles.

  • Frank

    Such a small guy with such a huge cock. I&aposd love for feel that huge thing deep in my throat!

  • JEFF


  • Rimmer Guy

    Woah. Hot f*ckin hawg dude. I&aposd ride it.

  • Doodlediddie

    You should be mine.

  • jonny0610

    DAYUM this big ass pipe only got 10 comments! Damn I would love to get down and suck that!

  • J

    I wanna suck it

  • Brian

    OMG.. I love your cock!! Would love to have your cock up my tight ass..


    Damn dude. Love that big fuckin cock

  • nanook

    lots of monstercock on here today !!!! Keep it up boys (in all senses of the word) !!!!

  • lol

    nice wein-or

  • Jim

    super hot body and cock

  • nice cock and low hangers ... never seen someone with just a v-neck hair patch before ... love to see more tho

  • Damien St. Charles

    very impressive ... id suck it

  • ge

    You&aposre perfect, in my eyes.

  • glen

    That is Impressive!

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