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Mack Baker

August 8, 2010 - 03:20 AM
Mack Baker on Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Great cock

  • Lizzy

    Single lizzy Mack baker

  • Lizzy

    Love lizzy Mack baker

  • Frankie

    Let me suck u up right now....

  • sissy (G)

    i wish my mans dick was as big as your .. fuck -.. id freak you rite up xo

  • sexybottom010

    mack baker is too sexy!!!

  • joen

    q hermoso

  • LaQuasia

    Dam i love this boy. dam you sexy ass hell and got a big dick. OMG i like that. Hell me and you need to see how you work it in the bed

  • octavious

    i love your video u dance so sexy

  • fishereffect

    that needs a snake-charmer!!!!!!!

  • tinalove

    WOW yur sexcci and yur tongue gives me ideas

  • Damn Sexy! Amazing from top to bottom....send

  • bigham

    Goddamit u look sexy as fuk. i wish u could lick my pussy wit tht tounge. im a virgin yo dick is too big to inside me

  • i&aposm so sick of these mutha-fuckin&apos SNAKES on this mutha-fuckin&apos plane!!

  • Ginger

    I love this pic the whole thing is just sex!!!
    Get at me mack

  • mike

    wow your sexy dick sexy

  • Maurice PrettyBoy

    Mack Baker so fucking fine i want him to fuck the shit out of me

  • Masahiko

    that tongue...that cock...that body, YOU LUCKY BASTARD! xD

  • Ejac

    Nike moi kan tu ve

  • Joseph

    oohhhhh your tongue and dick are huge... ;D I love you just for that

  • euevoce

    I&aposll suck your dick while you eat my ass

  • J-Ho

    Damn! Perfect tongue and a big ass dick.

  • chris

    i want to suck that dick

  • anthony

    You and me= the most intense night u will ever have!! I so badly want that cock in both my mouth and ass and that tongue I want it to rim my ass!!

  • tw2isted

    a matching pair. long tongue and long dick. i don&apost know what makes me harder. hmmm let me ponder on that....

  • Dru L

    OMG!! That is hot! Is that really Mack Baker? Fuck really...fuck me.

  • 2Hot2HDL

    nice pic bruh

  • mike

    hit me up

  • Ben

    it just not right that some lucky guy gets all that!
    I want too.

  • blaque

    damn dis sexy

  • .rod.

    Just perfect for my ass

  • BG

    can i play

  • El

    Thats just crazeeeee

  • da hoe

    He can do me until the cows cum home LOL

  • undieguy

    holy hell! So amazing!

  • Dee

    OMG Mack Baker!!!!! Jeez! What a tongue... WHAT A COCK!!!!

  • maf

    it would b fun to see what u can do with that tongue mmmm

  • Geronimo

    Hummmmm! que lengua!

  • Jerome

    It&aposs rapper Mack Baker !! I want to suck your HUGE fucking dick all day long !! You can even film it !

  • Aweosme

  • Dex


  • steveo

    Pefect for swallowing balls deep. Let me show you how I do it.

  • bigfun

    it looks like he would be able to fuck me and lick my ass at the same time....yum....

  • SurfQuest

    i was never a fan of rap music artist until now,

    move over Beethoven...

  • mark

    WOW would love to feel that tounge eating my ass out then feel that HUGE cock being forced deeep inside my tight ass. would love to feel that monster cock explode deep inside me. I would love to suck that cock and swallow that huge meat to the balls as you shoot your hot sweet load.

  • Real

    I know you a freak now. I would love to give that tongue a try but I&aposm scared of that big beautiful dick

  • Bill_in_MD

    I&aposm absolutely speechless!

  • Mic Photographer

    Very Sexy and fit: GREAT stuff man

  • bobncastro

    I want that tongue in my ass..........

  • ChadHarris

    wow so we just got music artists on here letting it all hang out (literally)...this dude is my friend on myspace, he is a singer

  • dman

    damn it rapper Mack Baker. Knew the tongue was long but shit that cock surprised me HOT HOT HOT

  • masked

    OMG!!!! Can i please suck ur dick!?!?! And cud u please eat and fuck this ass!?!?! -im so hard right now!-

  • Lieth

    It&aposs all me out, then fuck my mind out.

  • Amazing tongue and cock. Beautiful bush.

  • Anonymous

    i guess the old story about a guy with a big tongue is true.

  • Aj

    Damn bro, do you have permit to carry that thing. AWESOME COCK & BUSH!

  • Brian

    Damn.... nice cock!!

  • ben

    My goodness....if you used all your assets to their full advantage you could retire before you reach 21 :)

  • suskeihattori

    GODDDAMMM!!!! i bet that one is a killer...

  • nanook

    holy shit, bro, if you gave me half of that, you&aposd still have a lot left to brag about !!!! Life just isn&apost fair !!!!

  • Ken

    ummm...hmmmm....dammmmm.....! now that is just F I N E!

  • Tiffany

    Woah! Long tongue and cock! Damn, boy! :-o

  • nippy

    im in paradise!

  • JJ

    Bet he can touch his dick with his tongue.

  • Jackie

    I&aposm IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    That&aposs a lot of pleasing you have to offer.

  • Tex

    Damn, now cum and fuck me.

  • Kelso


  • Eric

    It&aposs the devil! Haaaaah!

  • robblo

    its rapper Mack Baker.. hot hot hot..

  • Dee hit me up

  • ericli


  • Nick L.

    What the hell are you wearing? Did Hugh Heffener have a garage sale?

  • kevin

    HOLY SHIT!!! Look at that tongue and dick!!!

  • momo

    Fuckin hell look at the size of that snake!!!!

  • Partyone

    Ummm damn boy!

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