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Russell Tovey

August 16, 2010 - 06:10 PM
Russell Tovey on Guys with iPhones
  • Gaz Hawkins

    always wanted you and Aidan Turner to go gay on being human...... could have been a riot. Mitchell says about his hairy chest, you partly wolf out during sex and he says, yep, you win LOL

  • David J Mason

    MARRY ME love a bf like u

  • Quintonbeckham

    RUSSELL!! More pics, less clothes =) 

  • Billy

    Great actor. Proud out gay man. And most guys on this site would kill for a night in the sack with him, including me. Love you, Russell Tovey!

  • cbl2004

    Hi Russell. Truly an amaing actor, and naturally attractive guy. I (as well as many others) would love to see you full frontal at some point. If you fancy giving me a sneak peak (lol, like that&aposs ever gonna happen) my e-mail is

    I&aposd keep it hush hush.

  • Bertie Murphy

    I am so in love with this guy!

  • RUDY

    big ears ... big dick!

  • shane allison

    I love you on the show. You&aposre my favorite. I just saw you in a episode of Doctor Who. Love your ears and I love it when you do this kind of high pitched screech when you&aposre afraid on the show. LOL Hilarious.

  • Donald

    Wonderful! Be a fun thing to be the gay wolf!

  • Anonymous

    I feel us getting closer.

  • AllyBoBally

    George! I love those big ears!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Rudge - lol, I loved the History Boys

  • LJ

    OMG! George! i love this guy. awesome actor loved him in history boys!

  • Jay

    Russell is gay for real ;) bumped into him in Heaven one night, he was all up on this guy... Wouldnt mind seein him nekkid either ;)

  • nanook

    you broke my heart in "Little Dorritt" Russell and have been looking out for you since then in other stuff.

  • good vibrations

    Well i just watched "Little Dorett" looking out for your acting. You are the apitmetty of the sweet hart chrushed boy. Loved the role and the roller, Dickins should had you dump the fish and fuck Clenem. That&aposll make your prostate hum a little tune.

  • mbrenkley

    OMG! Love you Russell. Next time in just your white boxers or briefs hahaha I can but dream.

  • Tommygun264

    C&aposmon Russell, show us everything Alonzo showed to Captain Jack.

    Just found "Ultimate Force" on HULU - it broke my heart when they gunned your character down. Great performance, BTW.

  • Andy

    Wooh, awesome!

  • J D Hill

    I LOVE Russell Tovey! He is the most beautiful man alive. I have his naked ass as my desktop wallpaper. SMOOCH

  • HardonCollider

    I expect a hot scene between you and Barrowman this upcoming series...

  • JM

    Russell - great actor and absolutely gorgeous too! A friend told me he once got asked out on a date by Mr Tovey and turned him down! I told him he was crazy! Russell you rock :-)

  • Absolutely the hottest guy in the world. I would give anything anything anything just for a goddamn hug from the guy. And a picture of said hug. And his autograph tattooed on my body. "Russ was here."

  • Mike

    Is your mobile home leaning to the left?

  • marco

    you rock!

  • Kerwin

    Russell! Wow you are effin&apos great. Delicious body. Whoa. Just discovered your show via blu-ray. Excellent actor.

  • suskeihattori

    i&aposd give u a ride mate!!

  • JamesL

    Awesome -- made my day!

  • Jo

    wow! russell tovey! great to see a gay celeb here!

  • Derick

    mmmm sexy. Seen more of your flesh on tv tho...but still sexy!

  • allmybritwords

    BBC America blurs out your ass everytime, drop you shorts show that perfect bum,,,go yah give it a bash.. mate or lad

  • Geoff

    Russell...I LOVE you!

  • Rob

    LOVE Russell ever since he played "Alonzo" on Doctor Who. Gotta love an OUT and Proud hottie actor!

  • S T

    Loved you in the History Boys!

  • gumby

    Ah, tovey, beyond hot...

  • JJ

    When does the new season start? I miss it and you bad!

  • justin

    Yes! Best part of "Being Human" !!!!!

  • Bi Boy

    Damn sexy. for msn.

  • Nick

    Wow you&aposre a dead ringer for that guy on Being Human. Hot!

  • tobeyfan

    Please naked next time

  • Jon

    Russell Tovey - british actor

  • happy assed fan

    where wolf, in london. Huge fan man. sorry george lost his girl

  • werebrett

    Russ - Love your work. Can&apost ever miss "Being Human" Thanks for the shot. Your&aposre one hot man!

  • Mark Gunzelman

    Kewl! Love watching you in "Being Human". Thanks!

  • Pedro

    holy shit its Russell Tovey from BBC Being Human!

  • RobbyBobby93

    Damn is that man cute. It could be the pants, but it looks like Russel is hiding something other than the fact that he&aposs a werewolf. Something big.

  • ScottyP.

    OMG It&aposs George from Being Human! You are so hot! Show us a nude pic Please!! And could you get Mitchel to pose also?

  • Dave R

    OMG Russell you sexy beast! Yum Yum! x

  • topher

    Mmm here&aposs hoping you post next time minus the clothing ;o)

  • Paul Seattle

    looks just like the guy from "Being Human" on BBC

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