Guys With iPhones

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August 31, 2010 - 12:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • jack

    Very handsome and sexy

  • John

    Very sexy!

  • Anonymous

    heres the proof one need not be naked to be sexy.

  • another cub

    wow what a stud! grrr say hi sometime :)

  • suskeihattori

    and he&aposs ALL dolled up and READY to marry. HOT!! or is this a &aposbefore&apos shot?

  • Kelithin

    I dont know what it is about that suit but it just screams "I work at the funeral home".

  • mikey

    Oh my... you are just about my PERFECT type!!!! Please, please, please share more. Clothed, naked, whatever... I&aposd just love to see more of you!

  • SurfQuest

    A very handsome man.

  • Andi

    Nothing sexier than a guy in suit and tie with a urinal in the background. Sexy

  • bellerophon

    MARRY ME!! You&aposre already dressed for a wedding! :)

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