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September 5, 2010 - 11:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Argenys Fabian Moquete

    yumm u must be a dancer.

  • Anchor

    Dancer = Creative, graceful and most likely knows how to move! Intense stare = pretty godamn manly, I&aposd strip my clothes of if he did that across a room at me. Body = obviously active, and healthy. I&aposd rip your dance singlet off and take you spread-eagle on that dance floor right now. ahahah!

  • Corxin

    That vest/body top thing is beyond awful. I say take all your clothes off then post a new photo!

  • Anonymous

    masculine yet beautiful, you are my role model

  • oh my. how beautiful you are. id love to see you dance.

  • jg

    Wow dude, your sexy as heck

  • Mike

    Totally a dancer nice in my opinion

  • Bob

    All I know is he&aposs totally hot!

  • Chris M

    No, it&aposs not a picture of me, and I think the guy looks great. I can&apost accept the narrow-minded comments of people who think of masculinity or femininity only in terms of things they are used to from their own parochial background. Like a stupid US Secretary of State a century ago who wrote a number of the National Geographic on the Philippines and described all the men of one particular ethnic group as effeminate.

  • Anti-ignorance

    He is a dancer by the looks of it, with the obvious floor covering and decor enhancements. So please, once you can get into that singlet, and look great in it, like this guy does, then you can go ahead and mock it. But seriously, untill then, you try do what he does. Then we will see who has the biggest balls!

  • Nick#1

    Wow,for gays you guys are sure judgemental and have no worldly culture,anybody with half a brain knows that the guy in the pic is a ballet dancer,duh!


    lol @ Chris. Sounds like you need to unwind your singlet..... Also love that you defended (what I&aposm assuming is your own picture) by using the words masculine and singlet in the same sentence.

  • Chris M

    What&aposs she doing wearing a man&aposs shirt? You seem to have very squit-brained ideas of what a "real" man "should" wear. Sorry, there is "real masculine" way that guys "should" dress. This guy is perfectly masculine and looks perfectly good in that dance singlet. Tame your arrogant presumption.

  • Andy

    Your sister called. She wants her shirt back.

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