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September 5, 2010 - 06:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Orfeo

    This is definitely a nice surprise! More, please!

  • Anonymous

    Surprising !!!Finally, naked. U did

  • eddie

    Surprising !!!Finally, naked. U did

  • hot hot xoxox

  • Kev

    Nice to see what goodies you were hiding all this time. Quite nice. Kudos.

  • D.A.

    Cleiton! My Baby Boy!!! I&aposm proud of you and your looks!! You are what I thought you&aposd be and more from the looks of what&aposs behind that hand. I&aposm still your #1 Fan and will be if you never post a simi naked or even totally naked pic on here. Your adoreable and I&aposd be proud to spend one evening in your presence.

  • suskeihattori

    who really gives a f**k what hand he is using!? I DONT!!! i&aposm still shocked he is on here naked. almost... and i cant say that i am yet a fan... but is definitely shutting DOWN some hateration!!! kudos clee... now quit teasing and spread &aposem

  • Duh

    @Must_I, You&aposre equally as clueless. No matter if it&aposs his reflection, reversed, or somebody else took the pic, it&aposs still his left hand covering his penis.

  • budroe

    very very nice, you are a nice looking guy

  • Anonymous

    right on bud.....very nice

  • ShelbyRose

    Well, well, I never thought I see the day....

  • Guest

    Who cares what hand it is??? Shut up about it.

  • Anonymous

    not much to held in that hand !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neeno

    Finally :) And worth the wait.

  • James

    Not as shy as you told me you were ;o)) I absolutely love it. Let&aposs see more ;o)

  • Dillon

    I knew you Just had to be a Hot lil bottom boy, think it was the cum hither look in yer eyes and smile, I still Lust for you.

  • Bob

    It&aposs the left hand, because this is not a mirror shot (or it&aposs been reversed). Note the OHIO ballcap just under his arm.

  • CK

    Hell fucking yes. Please, more like this!

  • michael

    finally!! nice too!

  • BriaNL

    Hahaha i like the way your fucking up all of us

  • invaderspooge

    well it has been the longest striptease in all of Christendom but finally he took the plunge so to say! Some will be delighted, practically wetting themselves, some will be converted and others will lose their lunch!

  • G$

    It&aposs about fuckin time!!!

  • Must_I

    To all you arguing with Sean, go hold your junk with your right hand and then go look in the mirror. What hand is your reflected self using to hold his junk? mmhmm As for the boy, I&aposm still not a fan but I think it&aposs funny that he finally showed something.

  • Bently

    Yay! show that ass next!!!

  • Kell&aposs Bells

    Anyone else notice his massive fucking chin?

  • jay

    Move your hand boy, and you&aposll be alright in my book.

  • Ken

    Now you need to turn the other cheek. ;-)

  • Andi

    Man you are smart. You know how to worknthe crowd. Look at how many postings and u r just a regular looking guy. Bravo

  • MSummersx

    OKAY- this is what you all wanted. He made you clamour for it. He kept you coming back to see if he would actually do it. Now, was it really worth it?

  • Ron

    Very nice hat boy, I&aposm pleasantly surprised. I&aposm hoping we get to see more of you this way

  • w

    wow. some people have no sense of direction.

  • Brian

    @Sean look again it is his left hand he has covering his cock

  • Adrian

    Wow, could he be anymore trash!?

  • Guest

    Exactly. LOL. Everyone hates on him, but as soon as he takes his clothes off, not one single negative comment. You people are so shallow and predictable!

  • brian_in_ms

    love this pic cleiton. the look on your face is priceless, tho i do wish we could see what your hand is blocking. you&aposve always been a cutie and i love your sense of humor.

  • John I. California

    Wowweez, you were hold g the best for last ....tease..

  • Duh

    @Sean, mirror or not, he&aposs still covering his junk with his left hand.

  • jp

    OMG!!! finally I get to see you! Now move that hand sexy thang.....

  • Pjay

    He&aposs still annoying with his 100s of crap pics

  • bobncastro

    I appreciate your tenacity with GWIP... and thanks for this picture too!

  • tc

    Agreed...Hall of Fame

    He is so cute (and persistent!)

  • Justin

    Um, no Sean. Look again. Look very hard. That is is left hand. Think about it.

  • Thylacinus

    meh, not impressed.

  • bkc

    Contrats to Cleiton! MOAR MOAR! :-P

  • Fire

    lol peoples being noce now that he is nude :P

  • Guest


  • Exoleti

    this belongs in the Hall-of-Fame

  • Mike

    You are so sexy!

  • WaterMoon Caine

    Oh no.... You didn&apost?!! I&aposm surprised. You were holding your ground so well. Firestar Seth is going to have a heart attack when he sees this picture. Lolol.

  • Firestar-Seth

    O M G {take a deep breath} O M G [and another] OH MY goodness not I seem it. oh nice very nice picture -Love and Peace- Firestar Seth

  • Aidan

    YES...YES...YES...worth the wait!

  • You as ALWAYS are BEAUTIFUL, you are beautiful with your clothes on but look AMAZING like this too! Love your friend in the USA, Olivia

  • Sean

    @Anonymous and a mirror and not rocket science. He&aposs covering with his RIGHT hand.

  • puta

    omg i forgot that you have a dick

  • Brian

    It&aposs about time.... now if you would show it all!!

  • kevin

    WOW! Worth the tease!!! Now move that hand and get hard.

  • andyATX


  • Christopher

    Yay!!! I didnt think you had it in you!!

  • tj

    raise your left hand and repeat after me...

  • Chris M

    Let&aposs see you lying on that tatami with someone sucking it...


    Great body, & I love the look on your face - as if to say "F-you all!"

  • Edgrr

    it&aposs about time!

  • JD

    Almost, now give it all up.

  • Doogie

    Woohoo!! Encore!! Encore!!

  • tc

    @fdw...haha yeah. He is always cute with his finally getting adventurous!

    Great pic!

  • Grant

    You can redeem yourself this way... more without the clothes. lol

  • Anonymous

    WOW, I don&apost believe it. You finally did something different. Amazing! Now please move your left hand.

  • FDW

    Wow, bout time!


    OMG - now THAT&aposS more like it!

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