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September 9, 2010 - 07:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • S

    I&aposm with you on this one. If you&aposre going to work out at home, there&aposs no need to get your clothes all sweaty! Need a spotter? ;-)

  • Anonymous

    one arm push ups? very impressive!

  • john

    your body profile is as hot as can be and so is the partial face profile...i hope u decide to do a full front shot...ur a pleasure to look at.

  • invaderspooge

    what .rod. said!!!!???

  • lee

    Gabe, you never cease to amaze. You are absolutely beautiful and your pictures are simply wonderful. Please keep up the great work. I still envy the guy taking the pictures!!!

  • Jeremiah

    C&aposmon now... I want to sneak a peek at your dangling participle!

  • Pjay

    Fucking gorgeous

  • Andy

    Sexy body!

  • Joe

    Oh, my God! Can we all say, "Perfect." In form, absolutely.

  • Amore

    What I wouldn&apost give to be that workout mat right about now!!!

  • Nick

    Jesus Christ, nice legs!

  • .rod.

    hm… your dick has disappeared !

  • cinb

    O.M.G TOOOO HOT...Sexiest picture in a long time!

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