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Alexsander Freitas

September 16, 2010 - 07:00 AM
Alexsander Freitas on Guys with iPhones
  • Allan

    A little too much shit going on there. Still sexy tho.

  • Trent

    Please come to my house and pound the living shit out of my ass. I&aposd love it! :D

  • Awesome42

    Beautiful. Just... beautiful.

  • LEVI

    Always pure sex, with or without your hair.


    I love seeing wondering around the neighborhood. You are much hotter in person.

  • jonnycock

    You&aposre a beast aren&apost you? God I&aposd love to fuck you!

  • dan dan

    Alexander Freitas... I love you!!

  • .rod.

    I agree, and this tatoo is impressive

  • ceda

    hairy sexy adonis!!!!!!!!!!!!! u wanna wrestle?

  • levant326

    GORGEOUS! Love the fur, tattoos, ... , simply everything!!!

  • Glenn

    mmm... Freitas

  • chris

    grunt fuck me

  • JB

    Dude you are so so hot! I&aposd let you do whatever you wanted with me

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