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September 21, 2010 - 02:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tad

    @Seth and @YY, I like the way you boys think!

  • YY

    Man I&aposd love to eat a fresh load out of that ass. I just came in my FleshJack and I&aposm licking my jizz out imagining it&aposs his hole.

  • xstreet

    OMG Hot fuckin hole!!!

  • I'd breed that with my double-digit Black snake!

  • joey

    Damn i would eat that ass for breakfast, lunch and me if you need it taken care

  • mj

    Looks like this is from an episode of "In Search of the Wild Butt-plug.

  • Euevoce

    And with that goes your last shred of dignity

  • Carlos

    I nominate for a place in gwip &aposhole
    of fame&apos. Oops. Hall of fame ! Awesome ass and body!

  • William

    I can only imagine how hot it would feel sliding inside him

  • Erik

    Bubbliscious !

  • rick

    One of the most edible holes I have ever seen !

  • Qk

    Breeder material !

  • Seth

    I made you into my wallpaper! Your worthy.

  • BoyWonderJosh

    Echo! *Echo...Echo...Echo...*

  • Hoover

    YAY!!! I found storage for my RV!!!

  • Greg

    great pic, love that ass and ur hole looks ready for a damn good pounding too!!!!

  • quin

    my garage door wouldn&apost put a lid on that hole

  • Seth

    Love to see you in the same position, same hot smooth fuck hole open But with lots of thick creamy load seeping out of you !

  • Marco


  • sean

    I&aposd eat you out !

  • Dariil

    Nice shot, boy

  • Cjl

    Nice shot .........smooth ass and balls keep shaving!

  • peter

    Port of Entry Rules. 1) Lube up 2) Slide in 3) wrap arms around his hot torso 3) Pound away and spread his hole ! 4) UNLOAD

  • the big O

    The Whole-his opening has no doubt been popular with many. Relaxed and looks like it has been expanded many times.

  • mikey

    open wide and say aaaaaaaaaaaa , I mean FUCK ME

  • JW

    @W....and it&aposs probably tighter....

  • John

    Hot fuckin hole! Totally fuckable.

  • liam

    if i walked into a room and that was staring me in the face, i would turn and run. period.

  • Jim

    gorgeous ass, love that hot hole

  • Tom in London

    Ready and waiting. Love it.

  • Anonymous

    I wanna sex you up!

  • Ben Underwood Foundation

    Am I crazy but is the leg not almost as hot as his ass? Yum

  • Partyone

    My big cock would fit nicely in that whole. Wanna play?

  • chinesesmoothie

    this has to be one of the best angles ever in gwip!

  • Smitty

    This has to be the same hot ass poster on here with the fish tattoo on his upper left ass cheek. I love those pics and I adore your pinpoint open hole pic.

  • Tom

    That is a hole worth keepin&apos.

  • mj

    Wow absolutely beautiful!

  • wesley wilson

    nice ass. like to fuck that loose hole ;)

  • SexDisNicca

    Nice angle and pose...Dats wat I&aposm talking about!

  • N.

    oh god, I love this position!

  • big daddy

    OMG, I have never wanted to fuck an ass more. That is absolutely beautiful. Please cum to my home now. I NEED THIS ASS!!!

  • SF-D

    F--ing Awesome..... my mouth is watering...!! That hole is begging for attention... hot ass buddy!!

  • Adam

    Looks like someones been around the block a few times

  • sparkyND

    you look very nice...expensive to keep...but very nice

  • HornyFckr

    Fuck i wanna burry my face in that hot ass! Sit on my face now!

  • mark

    simply amazing.. awesome hole and hot legs.

  • SFG

    Smile..Cheeeese! Nice hole bud!

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