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Steven Daigle, Adam Killian, Conner Habib and ChiChi LaRue

September 21, 2010 - 12:30 AM
Steven Daigle, Adam Killian, Conner Habib and ChiChi LaRue on Guys with iPhones
  • John

    Sexy pic

  • LA Rob

    I was on a flight from Burbank to Oakland with Adam Killian yesterday. He was wearing a very revealing shirt that showed off his tats and great body. Very hot in person.

  • anon
  • he&aposs the best

    So who&aposs the one with the pic on his phone i&aposll buy all of his movies

  • Codiak

    And isn't that cutie with the yellow iPhone cover Steven Daigle?

  • mikey

    ChiChi out of drag! I haven&apost seen that bitch out of drag since she had gastric bypass! I still like her better as ChiChi!

  • Kelithin

    well thats a ton of guys. Lets see.... maybe, no, yes, no, no, yes!

  • Mikey B

    Omg ChiChi I love u! And yes the man in the middle does look like Jeff Lewis. LOL No more collagen!!!!!!!!!! Ever!!!!!!!!

  • chinesesmoothie

    whoa! gangbang???

  • Atreyu

    Omg it&aposs ChiChi LaRue and all her boys!!!

  • Dan

    Who is the guy in the shirt? Is that Chi Chi Larue?

  • ET

    Ever wonder what ChiChi LaRue really looks like?

  • lee

    Chi Chi - you look marvelous! Oh ya, the dudes are hot too. Adam, I love your ass!

  • he&aposs the best fuck the res

    i like the one with the pic on phone, you should show the ass sweethart

  • big al

    yikes!!!! dude in the middle looks like the guy from that bravo show flipping out.

  • I love this with all my heart and soul.

  • Thomas
  • ScottyP.

    I love it! Did you all just fuck Conner Habib?

  • flhotty1

    id like to ride the wave in this ocean of brunettes---i&aposll start with the top right hand corner and work my way over to Adam xo

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