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Eddie Long

September 23, 2010 - 05:00 PM
Eddie Long on Guys with iPhones
  • mr steve

    wolf in sheep clothing. beware young men looking for a man to look up to. this is a clear case of abuse of power, and position. eddie long you need to repent.

  • Postitup

    Poor,pitiful man--now he can no longer hide behind the pulpit or the closet LOL !!!!!! ;)

  • Anonymous

    lol i got a good laugh when i saw this shit

  • RileyR

    TOTALLY SICK CLOSET CASE RELIGIOUS PERVERT spewing anti-gay hate from his pulpit. Shame on him and his fucked up views on humanity.

  • August

    He made homeless boys suck him off in order to get a shelter mat on the floor; he&aposs one very evil & sick man!


    Did he ask to have sex with you guys? Because you guys speak as if the accusations are fact. Group Think much?

  • SurfQuest

    so sad

  • Anonymous

    i agree, its just like how george michael accidentally got caught in that toilet, it was a best way to come out of the closet... literally LOL!

  • Anonymous

    You have to be either really dumb or just really want to get caught to put something like this up here. Guess it&aposs no surprise this whole thing blew up in his face. And not in the good way.

  • garry fitzpatrick

    wow! look like duckee too me!!!!!!

  • liam

    this is just too fuckin&apos funny. all as been said and I agree with @MT

  • RR

    Just under the surface of ALL those who despise gays a little "too" a raging hard-on yearning to be worked by another man&aposs mouth. For all you closet cases checking out this site....Hate is a no longer a working distraction. By despising too loudly you are now, ironically, drawing more attention to your self-loathing desires than you probably care to.

  • MT

    This guy is a waste. He should be put to sleep

  • RJ

    LOL, i was waiting for this to be posted!

  • lol! he isn&apost bad looking...i don&apost understand why the accusers are dropping dime on him. sounds like they were well taken care of and believe me there are much worse looking sugar

  • BJ

    Who knew Bishop Long had such great pecs!

  • Anon

    Eddie Longstroke...pastor on swole

  • NAP79

    Big Black Jesus Fuck!

  • Kenny

    God says show it all man . . . we wanna see that thick piece of black man meat!

  • Mike

    God bless you, and that big muscle body. Now let&aposs get down to business and suck some cock

  • Richard

    Oh Paster Long . . . show us how &aposlong&apos it is. I&aposd let you fuck me and not turn you in!

  • Alterboy

    Can I get down on my knees and "Pray" for you daddy? Then we can go for a ride in your Bently before the next service

  • Pedro

    fuckin priceless who ever posted this pic of this fool...major props!!

  • RW

    Bigoted, anti-gay pastor Eddie Long, who is in the middle of being sued by three (so far) men who as teenagers were coerced into having sex with Long. Your "kingdom" is falling, PASTOR! HAHAHAHA!

  • riptnblack

    You have to admit he does look hot. I would have fucked him so good he wouldn&apost know what to think when I got done.

  • MeMe

    lmfao!! Eddie Long. wow, i guess he goes under the celebrity section. scandalous

  • Geoff

    He&aposs the head of a mega-church and several of his youth ministers have come forward saying that he engaged them in "gasp" homosexual activities. He led his parishioners in a march against homosexuals. It&aposs always the closeted ones who are the most homophobic...

  • mohammed

    pray for us, daddy

  • GP BOY

    OH my god too funny

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