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September 24, 2010 - 11:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Matteo Roccia

    yes yes yes yes ! ! ! ! ! \

  • tight ass

    i love a hairy dick

  • mj

    Beautiful body. An inspiration. It&aposs like looking at a statue of Adonis.

  • Ecoralguy

    i would love a piece of that,

  • Nick#1

    Dinner is served!

  • BD

    Thanks for all the comments guys ;-) A new pic tomorrow

  • GerĂ³nimo

    Preciosidad! que delicia!

  • Scott

    Hot man. Look like this kid Kyle I know. I wish. Awesome cock bro.

  • Brutherlyluv

    Oh yeah brutha, that&aposs wassup!
    @sam/sydney I&aposve seen lots of white guys God was kind to! ;cp The evidence is shown here all the time!

  • Anon

    F*cking superb.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot!!! Nice body and great cock.. would love to have your cock inside my tight ass!

  • ge

    I want to bounce on it.

  • Carlos

    OMG that is one great body with an awesome cock!!!! I&aposd love you to fuck me long and hard man.

  • Anonymous

    I love you!!!

  • Cal

    Fucking hot!

  • Real

    Damn! Now can you show your ass?

  • chris

    fucking sexy bitch
    i&aposll be yours
    tight white smooth ass ready to take you for a long deep ride

  • .theman

    Great body you look delouses.

  • sam/sydney

    God was not kind to the white man !!!! Next time around I want to look like this with the ass of death :)

  • rick

    if ever there were a standard of male physical perfection you would be it!

  • WOW....beautiful just beautiful

  • Butchie

    Wow.....Nice body and dick...I want to suck on that dick and balls

  • .rod.

    Will you marry me ?

  • AllenB

    HOT. PERFECT. What I wouldn&apost do to take care of every inch of that beautiful body.

  • PoPo Zao

    Dude, your body is sick! You&aposre a living sculpture!

  • Balthazar

    Sweet Jesus~! You make Greek Gods look bad! Thanks for posting, you made my morning!

  • Anonymous


  • Andres

    Damn i love me my dark chocolate 8D

  • taddman

    wow, great body!

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