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September 24, 2010 - 03:50 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Iphoneandrew

    Guy after my heart ;) lol Love apple :)

  • QueUp

    Nice man.
    gawd some get bitchy. a hot guy is a hot guy.

  • Mcrubio

    Whats up with all the haters?! Cool pic !

  • Blair

    I love your background! Where can I find that wallpaper? You should totally e-mail that foe me. Thanks bro!

  • Blair

    It must be a sin to speak Microsoft at your place :P

  • michael :)

    Well I voted for you :) i thought the picture was awesome! and MUCH better than the original.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the nice comment johnson. I know the assholes only make up a small percentage I just don&apost see the point of being nasty like that on a site that&aposs supposed to be fun! I&aposm glad most of y&aposall liked the pic and thanks again everyone.

  • johnson

    @ Chris, the only hater comments are from the other contestants who think they should win, the thing is, its all going to come down to a vote anyway, so let the us the readers decide, as for the haters (im sure its only one or two people) i think they just blew it cos why would we now vote for some little shits like that? Good luck, i really like your pic and it proves there are real readers here who post their pics for us all to enjoy! Thanks to guys like you for making this site so fun each day!

  • Chris

    I put those in because in the rules it said, "Laptops, monitors, iPods, and of course iPhones" so I thought it&aposd be okay. Weird though how I&aposm the only one that got haters responding to my pic. Doesn&apost bother me though I love all the comments heh. I guess I&aposm not as uptight as some of these people. I agree with you Paul his statement didn&apost make sense.

  • Guest

    Hey Patrick, that is a Magic Mouse.

  • Guest

    By the way, if the theme is "I am a Mac Addict" then why did you post so many non-Mac products? Only one of those products is a Mac.

  • Guest

    D.A. - you say you post pics but you&aposre not so vain and shallow as to broadcast it. What??? What is the difference between posting and broadcasting?? What are you talking about?

  • Chris

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  • Brd

    Twisted folk is all I have to say

  • jone

    defintely the BEST!!!!

  • upurarse

    Better than the original! SUPERB!!!!

  • jon hawaii

    hey i have that background pic...and that phone...and that keyboard and mouse and ipod and remote! no ipad and imac though.

  • D.A.

    I do post pics...but I&aposm not so vain or shallow as to broadcast it. In one respect we do won&apost win. As far as affording things...I could probably buy you three times over but it would be a waste of money. Besides, I can get way better at K-mart.

  • .rod.

    Marry me !

  • Brd

    I&aposm with you D.A, we posted our Mac pic and two copy cat follow us. The outside the box like we originally did

  • Brandon

    I just got my first mac. Wanna show me some tricks? ;)

  • Chris

    At least I&aposm posting pictures unlike yourself who I&aposm guessing by your comments you&aposre just some ugly troll that can&apost afford Apple products and likes to talk shit. Keep talking it though cause I&aposm loving it and getting more views on my pic. I know I&aposm probably not gonna win this contest because there&aposs way hotter guys than myself on here but at least I&aposm contributing and trying. So please keep the comments coming. Positive or negative. Oh and "Lady Gaga", do a spell check before you give someone a rating. THANKS EVERYONE!

  • aboooot

    hahahah D.A. &aposTHIS WEEK&aposS THEME: I am a Mac Addict!&apos you should it&aposs gonna be like this way for a bear w/ it!

  • D.A.

    Why vote for someone with no imagination! You ARE trying to impress someone. Your materialistic enough to want that Iphone when you already have one. Loser.

  • Go on!

    Snap! Chris, you just sent D.A. to the curb.

  • Lady Gaga

    apple thins wont make you look hotter darling 3.5/10

  • Chris

    Hey D.A., instead of talking shit scroll to the top of the page and click the contest bar. I&aposm not trying to impress anyone and could care less if you don&apost like it. It&aposs me trying to win an iPhone just like the others who&aposve posted similar pictures. Thank you BTW because haters are the biggest fans.

  • D.A. guy shows a little imagination and now you have to be a copycat!! Try something new!! Maybe you might place 11th.

  • Guest

    Lame. Not impressed.

  • big al

    hey, i&aposve got that same mouse pad!!!!

  • Patrick Magic Mouse? Loser.

  • metty

    talk about dedication..

  • pondexter

    a shrine to the Apple . .. o my

  • Rakesh_NL, Apple?

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