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September 30, 2010 - 02:35 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • thelaw2047

    Super HOT "real man" that I like. Dude you could tuck me in at night anytime!!!! WOW!!! Spooning with you...sigh..Lord have mercy!!!

  • Ben Hogue

    wow. amazing.

  • chase

    wow you are super cute dude!! hott face and super real and cute body!! hit me up sometime dude 20yr old college jock here

  • Anonymous

    im in love

  • niceguy

    I thought he was straight, but not after seeing that dildo ;) Hot dude!

  • doug

    Instant hard-on!

  • Conor


  • mikey

    Incredibly hot! INCREDIBLY! Please show more!!!

  • tj

    there is nothing about this man that isnt sexy! WOW... love it when real men look this good!

  • concerned citizen

    I love the dildo stuck to the wall behind you!

  • James

    mmm mmmm mmmm so damn fine!

  • metty

    o mug gawd... ur so hot...

  • Fred

    Hit me up pa

  • Jay

    lol only one person noticed the huge dick stuck to the wall behind him haha

  • ScottMB

    so so hot

  • glen

    Nice trail!

  • Freak

    Is that your dick on the wall???? lol

  • Partyone

    Move that hand sexy!

  • S. Jordan

    You are a very sexy man... But, is that a penis towel hanger? Lol... What is that on the wall behind you?

  • DeputeyPower

    omg!! you are fucking fine...more please, you just made my bad day wonderful ;D

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre hot!! Nice head of your cock but want to see all of it... move your hand next time!!

  • suskeihattori

    dont hide it... i like it. ALL of it

  • Jeremiah

    Oh fuck yes. Honest to God you&aposre one of the hottest men I&aposve seen on here. That face and approachable nature are so friggen sexy.

  • gary

    wicked hot. wicked, wicked HOT.

  • canadianguy

    Very Nice!!

  • rgncajun

    I see a peekaboo!

  • Rob

    I agree with Eric. It would be great to make you cum -- on me!

  • raul1188


  • Scooby

    Every once in a while I see a man that makes my heart skip a beat....this is one of those men

  • Eric

    Omg I wanna make you cum.

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