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September 30, 2010 - 07:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • niceguy

    Man, you look great! woof dude!

  • RW

    You are driving me crazy! At least post another picture!

  • suskeihattori


  • RC

    More please!!

  • RW

    Dude, I had to come back again. I am SO SERIOUS about wanting to be your boyfriend. Contact me!

  • GerĂ³nimo

    papito lindo!!! adorable!

  • ScottyP.

    Love the seventies look and the furry tummy! That cock looks hot too!

  • ALf

    i am wearing those very same giorgio perla underwear right now. its meant to be!

  • bellerophon

    Back off bitches...he&aposs MINE!! :)

  • Jason

    VERY NICE!!! you should let that monster out!!

  • Freak

    Very 70s. Very big

  • Kyle S.

    woof! nice silhouette in them undies

  • RW

    OMG! I wanna be your boyfriend!

  • james

    looks like a country boy cutie to me

  • Pierce

    That is a nice big juicy cock mister!

  • Jim

    hot bulge, please show more, love to see that big cock

  • Jeremiah

    Very sexy. Your image is a fantasy of mine- I imagine I&aposd see you in a bar in Idaho or Wyoming playing pool and having a Miller.

  • glen

    Love the furry tummy!

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