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September 30, 2010 - 06:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • dave

    looks like u might have a nice ass! hit me up

  • Bonejuice

    The hottest dude in months! Omg ur sexy, Woof!! Fk the negative comments dude. If you have any extra u need to get rid of, send em my way handsome!! : )

  • woreg

    wear a jock and take the next pic on the basement floor and we are talking... nice!

  • k

    very cute! my only suggestion is a different harness that highlights your chest. i like it though, very nice!

  • mikey

    So so hot!!! Please share more! Please!

  • suskeihattori

    zak is wak! this dude is sexy as sh*t... thick body. great ink. cute face. i even like his undies. and even though he&aposs suckin it in... i love that tummy. i got a leash here for you when you&aposre ready lil bear

  • Arthur

    Kinky. We love.

    Common @zak. Gwip is a community of nice people. We&aposre here to support each other. Don&apost be sour pants.

  • Joe

    hey @zak...looks like you&aposre the outsider on the comments on this pic. Dude is sexy.

  • rondeux

    hey daddy love the tats. love the harness. next time change out of the jail stripes for a jock to complete the fantasy

  • bingo

    mmmm daddy in training

  • camillu

    hot love the tat&aposs

  • Ben

    I definitely just stroked one out to this pic!

  • zak

    Bad mix of everything dude. I feel like am at yard sale, looking at this pic.

  • nice body, nice ink, cute all around

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