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September 30, 2010 - 08:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • mike

    wow...wish u were in the uk

  • Oral1

    Looking Good but I like a musky bush too

  • 1up4funnow

    you are the hottest guy on this site =)

  • brasilgay

    wow........i just wanna get lost in that park... ur like an amusement park to me... i wanna ride u


    hot body dude love your cock

  • Jim

    I am a fan of everything about this man.

  • johmaenm

    hello daddy!

  • Anonymous

    I would hope Anderson doesn&apost have a bald crotch,he&aposs a real man!!!!!

  • RC

    Nice cock, great upper body, but the legs need a lot of work. Why do so many guys neglect the legs in their workout?

  • Sko

    You have such an incredible body. So very sexy.


    papito! que bueno estás! una delicia de hombre!

  • Nick

    WOW! You are a god!

  • DYLF

    always nice to see you, man, intimidating though it may be! how can a mere human being be even more beautiful than a classic greek statue?! usually i am not a fan of baby-smooth grooming (a man should have some hair!) but you are a very sexy exception to that rule. nice digs, too, by the way. like something from architectural digest. would love to know where this last point: so nice to see a classy background instead of a toilet seat or messy bedroom floor!

  • patrik

    this looks like anderson cooper of CNN. very HOT!

  • Avarik

    Jeezus! There aren&apost many men I would allow to top me, but you just jumped to the top of my List of Tops! I&aposll even forgive the shaving and the slightly disturbing expression in the previous pic.

  • gary

    jeez. i&aposm speechless. are there any words adequate to describe this beautiful man?

  • Anonymous

    I love that old men can have great bodies as well

  • mark

    your body looks like a roman statue.... especially your cock and amazing low balls... you should posy your e-mail for you fans...
    again Fantastic and Gorgeous body

  • Martin

    Hello daddy!

  • Nice!

  • Lee

    Who are you? You have an amazing body and face and I&aposve seen your pics before. Keep posting!

  • Jim

    god u are so gorgeous, everything about u is perfection. i want to suck on that hot cock of urs and lick every inch of ur muscled body

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