Guys With iPhones

Guys And Counting
September 30, 2010 - 10:35 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Woreg

    What am I looking at?? I&aposm confused!!
    I am however wondering if that is the Halloween spray-in colour that you can get in a can that s(he) is using in their hair.. The bandanna is a marvellous touch to this poor creatures ensemble, as well as the bracelet that s(he) created in arts and crafts at the local community centre.. Beautiful lips I would say, and the genetic possibility of his adorned smirk reveals teeth that could use a few whitening strips.. Certainly an individual who adores attention.. The marker on the mirror gives this photo a campy touch, and I would have to wonder what state the toilet would be in.. As a visitor, I&aposd say the bushes would suffice for my needs!

  • Me

    I wanna go to a monastery, please!
    I cant handle with this anymore.
    If I have to see this ....

  • Ranaway

    I always wonder what happened to RAINBOW BRIGHT. I now know she got her sex change.

  • Cristoker

    LOLLLLZ. sorry matt. Don&apost look at me azzhole.

  • Cristoker

    haaa. My contacts gotta rest sometimes .-.
    Like yew even knooow ke$ha. Let&aposs see yer pics misterr.

  • Matt

    you are incredibly unattractive:/

  • AJay

    Yo hair is cute gurl!

  • kevin

    Like a fun house mirror Ke$ha.

  • SurfQuest

    The glasses doesn&apost quite work with the persona. Otherwise I do like your spunk.

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