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September 30, 2010 - 10:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • turtle

    Whatever happened to this guy?

  • JB

    His expression is completely a result of being shocked that any site would host a picture of such a train-wreck-in-slow-motion. YUCK. YUCK. YUCK!!!

  • someguy

    you&aposre helping me lose weight. i just lost my dinner!

  • Big Bri

    Adorable as always!

  • Ryan

    braces gone finally? still over it.

  • jon

    Damn, those are some great legs. Love your expression in this one too. ;)

  • Jason

    Dont we get sick of this guys already, i dont mind if someone is cute and keep posting picture here, but comon&apos this guy? Should stop posting it already bro.

  • tizer

    You&aposve done this pose before, how about turning up the heat somemore, last week when you showed your ass cheeks that was a promising start, please dont revert back to the old poses/pics, we need some ass and cock Clee!

  • PoPo Zao

    LOL "tramp stamps, farmer&aposs tan, bieber-do, braces, and acne--what a catch!" Made me laugh my ass off! And I agree!

  • gad1n10

    Is that a Ninja tan?

  • D.A. are the best!!

  • Toshpoint

    I think there should be an award on here for the best comment...
    I GIVE THE AWARD TO.... O&aposBannon
    "It&aposs like a taffy pull of ugly!" Hands down the best GWIF comment ever.

  • Anonymous

    Calvin Klein is being made a mockery of. Those underwear must be smelling pretty ripe right now. Poor thing, the underwear that is.

  • O&aposBannon

    It&aposs like a taffy pull of ugly!

  • drew

    hehe cute expression ;)

  • denis

    cute face, nice eyes, sexy lips, lickable pits, nibbleing nips, tounge friendly belly button, round hard becking to be rimmed sweet butt,great hairy legs, beautiful mushroom flared cock head. . I wood welcome more pics

  • Anonymous

    I rather see your dick!

  • Hey hotty!!

  • SurfQuest

    Got a complaint? Write it in:

  • Richard

    I think he&aposs just way too cute. Love the hairy legs.

  • Anonymous

    tramp stamps, farmer&aposs tan, bieber-do, braces, and acne--what a catch!

  • olie

    how many reruns from Gilligan&aposs Island can you watch before you get sick of it?

  • Draco

    Sexy as always my boi! I think you should dedicate a new ass pic to me :-) for my birthday!

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