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September 30, 2010 - 11:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Great cock

  • Franky

    I love this hairy meat

  • Woreg

    I like anyone enjoys a fleshy mushroom sprouting next to a sun moon and stars comforter.. Especially when the old quilt of diamonds has now become window dressings.. Great touch with the iphone, however he must has another that he took the pic in question with.. Certainly and apple supporter.. kudos
    I come to the conclusion that he must not grow a large amount of facial hair, as anyone with such a gadget for trimming would certainly take it lower and trim the bush down...
    I will add that the tattoo is wonderful, and certainly adds character!!

  • tight ass

    i tlike a hairy dick

  • Dex

    Wow.. Thats a big one.. lol


    That is one hot ass ripper. Love to ride that all night

  • @itsm3riley

    Hey guys thanks for the comments you can reach me at

  • James

    Clean your nails?

  • q

    Wow, what rich, dark pubes! Very nice! That whole package is delicious.

  • Oh my stars! I would cherish the opportunity of reviewing this mouth-watering wrangle of divine flesh on my website, The Perfect Phallus. If you would like to share your gift with a wider audience, please feel free to contact me. I await, aquiver, in anticipation of your response.

  • suskeihattori

    that is beautiful! thickness all around... neck AND bush is worth the nose and tongue time

  • rick

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm...nice &aposn the lush thick pubes too. Would love to take a good...hard...long ride on that beauty!

  • Jim

    yummy cock, can i have a taste

  • Carlos

    that is one very nice fat cock to suck and ride. wish you were in Mexico City.

  • jerron

    Oh my gosh, im in loveee with your cock
    facebook me!

  • Anonymous

    That! is what a male crotch should look like.

  • GerĂ³nimo


  • bgm2k5

    Very nice bush...

  • tj

    Nice - keep posting. I&aposve seen other nice shots you&aposve posted. Love the tat and that sweet piece.

  • Anonymous

    ohh, i see a big thick morning wood. Trim the bulge it would look better

  • glen

    Nice bush!

  • ge

    The SEX.

  • saintfiacre

    love it... want it... need it in me.

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