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October 31, 2010 - 08:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Orfeo12

    The only time mario and luigi have EVER looked hot....and, oh, so very hot...

  • Jake

    Me likey!

  • milo

    but of course, gays would sexualize the mario bros
    tsk tsk, tho you do look nice with the stash and stuff

  • Justin Marshal

    Can I get a copy of the mario & luigi porn??

  • Berndog

    More childhood memories tarnished...

  • Mr. Templar

    Great pic, great costumes, great idea, great guys.

  • Snacker

    Clever. Sexy. Immediately recognizable. A+. Best Halloween pic on gwip.

  • cal

    Hot Mario Brothers. What a great idea! You guys look awesome.

  • Jules

    i love the new take on mario and luigi!

  • peter

    I love these Boy.. Two cutest guys I have ever meet and seen.. I adore them soo hot

  • mike

    if they go outside in that they wont have any pipes to show but still a good costume

  • Brandon

    I&aposm so glad that the plumber brothers never did this... You two however pull this off nicely.

  • niceguy

    That has to be the gayest Mario and Luigi I&aposve ever seen... and I like it ;)

  • Captain Rossco

    Awesome costumes... The Mario bros are plumbers... Show us the pipes your going to be laying.

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