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October 31, 2010 - 01:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • How much is overnight shipping?

  • Eric

    I got the best laugh over this one. Great costumes and fuck all the haters. I imagine it was done out of fun and not racism. Everyone needs to just fucking relax.

  • rene

    the only thing i care about is whether or not his penis is painted black?

  • Greg

    there were two black petes that came trick o treating to my house this hallowen. Love the costume and I love the fact that as a Nation we are at the point of accepting this picture for what it is... a halloween costume.

  • RW
  • Evan

    RW you think facial make-up equals racism then lets talk about the Wayans brothers when they did the movie "white chicks". I have to assume you think the Wayans are racist as well? NO ONE disputes that the term "blackface" as in Vaudeville as in the character "darky" is racist. YES IN THOSE TERMS ITS RACIST because they disparage the african american race. INEQUALITY cuts boths ways in America. if African Americans such as the wayans can portray "stupid" white women why can&apost white people portray "stupid" black people? That is what I call a double standard. The portrayal is about the INDIVIDUAL not the entire race!

  • db
  • cfuse

    This means an entirely different thing in countries that don&apost have the stain of slavery in their history.

    I don&apost expect people who don&apost understand that their culture isn&apost the only culture in the world to be able to own their own shame rather than palming it off onto the rest of us. If you have a problem with racism, I suggest you get your own house in order first before you throw stones.

  • Badboyz2

    I love Zwarte Pieten!! They bring gifts to children in the middle of the night on December 5th. And if you&aposre bad they will take you to Spain.
    Duth people have outgrown the racist thing some countries still can&apost get over it.

  • Lists guy

    Racism is about intent behind actions....
    Don&apost think the intent is wrong.

  • RW

    Evan, if you really think that facial make-up has nothing to do with racism, tehn you don&apost understand the history of blackface. Do a Wiki search and learn.
    Jim, the same goes for you. Being offended by an image does not mean that someone is being immature. Blackface has a clear racist history and it makes sense that people are responding negatively to this photo.

  • dutchdude

    they are like santa&aposs elfs in our holiday tradition, they aren&apost black as in color of their skin, but they&aposre black because of the chimneydust climbing down to bring presents. it&aposs also said that they&aposre black because they&aposre spanish, which is where our santa came from. you have santaclaus we have sinterklaas. see the resemblance? i don&apost know if you know this, but we (the dutch) brought this tradition to america, only he became a fat guy with a beard. and instead of black pete&aposs they became little elfs.

  • RW

    I am sick and tired of people telling folks to "get over it." Speak for yourself. If it doesn&apost bother you, fine. But it bothers others and you can&apost invalidate that just because "you&aposre Black."

  • Evan

    the term "blackface" is much more than black skin make-up. The character in this picture is called Zwarte Piet and it is common place in the Netherlands. As an American who has visited the Netherlands many times, I have seen this character frequently and have enjoyed learing about dutch culture. Facial make up has nothing to do with racism.

  • Jim

    Grow up folks! Stop being so overly sensitive about innocuous things. If you try hard enough you can find something offensive in every thing.

  • Butchie

    Its not racist....Its ignorant...Maybe they are on their way to a tea party rally...

  • Anonymous

    people are way too uptight these days. You all just need to take a pill, and get over it. Get a sense of humour! I&aposm black, and do not find this offensive!

  • Anonymous

    black pete???? I would punch someone coming to my house dressed like that

  • Anon

    The tradition of Black Pete is controversial to some in the Netherlands. Not just an American reaction. You oversimplify to make a spurious point.

  • Mike

    Racism is what people want to make it - and apparently there are WAY too many people who want to make it out of everything they see and hear. It&aposs just a knee-jerk reaction to most morons who scream "THAT&aposRACIST" when to them personally it doesn&apost even have meaning - they&aposre just saying it because everyone else does and they&aposre conditioned as sheeple to do just that.

    I think it&aposs a very well done Black Pete costume, but where&aposs Saint Nicholas?

    What&aposs not humorous is not knowing how to spell costume, TNskin

  • Chris M

    Dutch. He&aposs a Zwarte Piet, one of Sinterklaas&apos companions. The guy on the left is all in orange, I guess a "Witte" Piet?

    It&aposs a peculiar American thing to see this as racist. Racism is treating others of visibly different genetic makeup or cultural characteristics as less than fully human merely for that fact. This is not racism. What about men dressing up as women? Why are the horrific caricatures of women they dress as not treated as even more offensive than this?

  • Renny

    Now that is just OFFENSIVE! Who in their right mind would wear an Edwardian Collar with a Victorian doublet!?!?

  • TNskin

    There is no humor in wearing a black face costum.

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