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Trace (from Flipping Out)

October 31, 2010 - 10:30 PM
Trace (from Flipping Out) on Guys with iPhones
  • Leo622

    I love your pic. I want your jock. Or more specifically whats in your jock.
    Thanks for posting, hope to see more of you soon.

  • JK

    Trace your damn hot! Thx for posting again :D

  • Timmy

    u can score a touchdown for me whenever u want. ohmygosh:)

  • jeff

    anyone know what jockstrap brand he is wearing? "aud... li?"

  • Gay Blader

    I definately need to be your new jock inspector!

  • christian

    this started my trace crush

  • Adam

    I Would Like to see more of you i&aposll like to see your cock and more

  • tj

    what we don&apost know is it&aposs Zoila, who dressed Trace up like that... She read somewhere, that you&aposre SUPPOSED to wear a jockstrap with a support pouch a couple of sizes small-to better protect &aposLos huevos... ;)

  • Pobatomu italy

    Wow luky who fucks ya

  • lw

    god i wish trace would just hurry up and marry me.

  • jordan

    this seems like a poor career move...

  • Chris

    Plz send me sum more love ur body

  • Hewlett

    I&aposd slap that! :)~


    Hot! Wow!

  • Trav

    i seriosuly never knew trace had such a hot body under those cloths, he is so so so yumy

  • yummy

    Where&aposs the beef?

  • Ruben

    Oh wow... Thank you! I always wondered what was under all those clothes! Great face Trace!

  • gad1n10

    I LUV baseball ;)

  • Eddie Smith

    Hot Pic Man!! Love the football gear and the jock .. you look great! Hit me up anytime

  • steve

    Fuck Yeah. It&aposs a great day at Jeff Lewis&apos Office!

  • justin

    this is the best!

  • drew

    Dam stud i thought you were so hot on the show.. Love to get you naked and show you my huge cock!

  • Danny

    Good advertisement. I&aposll be watching next season for sure.

  • natedog08

    Trace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luvs it!

  • Michael

    Super hot

  • JJ



    damn bro you are sexy as hell

  • gris from France

    hey great bod, amazing chest, james ;-)))

  • Superman

    Give us an ass shot please

  • $22020560

    Is that a precum or pee stain? I can&apost tell, but it&aposs hot!

  • rgncajun

    Damn, turn around, Trace!

  • GiveitUp

    Damn Trace you just stole the show I see an increase in ratings coming your way!

  • q188r

    never saw flipping out but i&aposll have to start watching it :)

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre hot... would love to have you tackle me!!

  • q188r

    how many football player fantasies have i had ?
    tons - none of the guys in my fantasies are as hot as you.

  • chris

    so fucking sexy, bro

  • annom.

    is this Trace from Flipping out

  • Evan

    omg Trace from flipping out!!!!! love him!!!!

  • David

    Trace from flipping out!! File this one under the Gwip-lebrities!! Hot hot hot!!

  • bluedawg

    hey there, Trace.

  • lol

    Flipping Out!!!

  • Mason

    Trace is so hot.

  • b9

    Trace, from Flipping, didn&apost realize the abs were so good!

  • bob

    is this trace from Bravo&aposs flipping out?!

  • misho

    hot mate

  • Paul

    Oh wow! Trace from Flipping Out?

  • braden

    Hope your boss doesnt "flip out" over this. :P I like.

  • doug

    Trace from Flipping Out?

  • Guest

    Trace from Flipping Out! So fucking hot!!

  • Jeremy Ryan

    Really HOT!

  • mt

    Ah cute

  • Ashley

    You are hot. Don&apost like the outfit though.

  • Beachbum24

    You look like the assistant to Jeff Lewis from that show flipping out on bravo. Haha! Are you?

  • jeremy

    Jesus christ! Fucking hot!

  • Joey

    he looks like the one that comes out on that show with jeff lewis

  • Grant

    Wow. Need a behind shot to go with this!

  • Cross Word

    Do you ever smile, Trace? See you next season on "Flipping Out"?

  • La De Da


  • Rob

    You should wear that year &aposround. Not just on Halloween. But, Trace, what does Jeff think of your uniform?

  • Sylar

    I think i just creamed my underpants..... that is beyond hot.

  • jay

    is this trace from flipping out?

  • Flipin Fan


  • Steve

    Trace from Flipping Out? Fuck yeah!

  • nick

    TRACE!!!! I love Flipping Out! damn ur hot.

  • Lonell

    Trace Lehnhoff from Flipping Out Could So Get It!

  • bearbtm63

    flipping out? damn damn sexy!!

  • Tj

    Very hot. It looks like Trace from Bravo&aposs Flipping Out!

  • Costume, or work attire?

    Is that the wardrobe Jeff makes you wear off-camera?

  • Ryan

    Are you the guy from the show on Bravo called Flipping Out?

  • Silly Hoe!

    Is tha Trqce from Fliiping Out?

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