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Craigery Morgan

October 31, 2010 - 05:55 PM
Craigery Morgan  on Guys with iPhones
  • Enrique

    @BGoji Uhm Craig is a lot hotter than some of the actual miners.

  • bloody mary 1

    @ hank 5,,,Yeahal Baby

  • BGoji

    Apparently I am the only one who thinks this is in bad taste...

  • SteveDenver

    I would love to go spelunking with Craigery. He&aposs beautiful, charming and talented; but doesn&apost seem in the least stuck up.

  • david

    i&aposm from chile... thank for memorial

  • Conrad

    craigery, if you&aposre going to post any more of your own pictures on guys with iPhones, then you&aposre gonna need to lose the pants and/or undees....mmkay?! thanks!

  • henry V

    I wish GWiP would let us mock you oh and very nice tummy

  • You are just BEAUTIFUL Craigery

  • Lucas

    Who doesn&apost love a little bit of Craigery Morgan and his muscles?

  • Andy

    Great expression!

  • NC Guy

    Love you Craigerie!!!!!!!!

  • milo

    Classy chilean miner

  • Pythonpr

    Chilean miner rescue. Perfect!

  • JDW

    I love you boy!

  • sammyk

    I would recognize those yummy nipples ANYWHERE!!! Hi Craigery! xxx

  • Jonathan

    awww.. it&aposs Craig Morgan... so SEXY :)

  • chinesesmoothie

    hot hot

  • Beachbum24

    Is that craigery Morgan?

  • Olly

    Ahhhhhh! Craig Morgan...SO ADORABLE!!!

  • mb

    U&aposre so CUTE!!! :]

  • tc

    Ohh myy gawwwwdd!

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