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November 20, 2010 - 06:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • dave

    Nice nice nice

  • Kris

    Amazing sensual image !

  • Peter

    More, more please! Just to hot

  • Peter

    More, more please! Just to hot

  • Geronimo

    Tengo natural para prestarte!

  • Steph

    Must do: get you on your fours. Spread your legs, open your hole. Bareback your hot ass and seed your tight body. I know your a hot fuck-it&aposs a given!

  • Eli

    One of the all time hottest pics on here !

  • Kyle

    woo send me some more pics!

  • Joshua

    1) Hunguy, 20 points for knowing him, FIFTY-THREE for having done him and such.

    2) Which state do you live in? I saw someone the other day while I was working and just stared at the guy as he walked by thinking "Is that him!?" I stayed pretty calm on the outside which I&aposm sorta proud of, but was it you? What IS your state(or country for that matter)?

  • Dick

    Your so lickable

  • william

    Any tips for getting legs like this? I find them and all of you to be very hot

  • Russ

    So what&aposs the next prop stud? How about a patriotic look. You wrapped in a flag or your hot ass with being fucked by a Abe Lincoln look alike.

  • Seth

    Only better thing then this picture would be a cock fucking your mouth and another cock breeding your hot ass

  • Tom in London

    Wow! Great pic, & a great conversation starter judging by the comments. More please!

  • Pat

    I&aposm straight as an arrow but you make me want your amazing body

  • hunguy

    Do I get any points if I actually know this guy ? Do I get any points if I have done this guy ?

  • ben

    The things I could do to you with my tongue. Start with a tongue bath up and down your hot smooth body. With those hot cheeks I know that ass has to be delish. My tongue will make your eyes roll inside your head tattoo stud.

  • michael

    Is this hot cat not colored oriented ? Someone above mentioned the appeal of his blue socks. How about his blue shirt and even blue tattoo. Dam Hot !

  • Carlos

    1 to 10 you get a TEN ! Lovely

  • Rob

    Got to love america ! Mikey&aposs rant is my desire. Love the hot body, the ass rocks, the form of the body is rockin hot and the prop is great. A plus !

  • mikey

    K... all the things that you say make the pic hot make it NOT hot to me... the skin tone (tan; the only people who should be tan are those that work outdoors... and even then they should use sunblock)... the fish tat (what the hell is that about? your ass is like a fish: aka pussy?).. the hot bod (tells me that he&aposs incredibly vain)... and dildo (tells me he&aposs a size queen bottom with lofty goals).

  • Wes

    Perfection- legs, ass, body, skin, even the nose looks hot.

  • K

    this pic is so hot in so many ways: skin tone, fish tatt, hot bod, dildo. thank steve jobs for jamming a 5mp camera into the iphone!

  • thonglovertx

    sexy tan line!

  • Malcom

    Are you for hire? Please say yes.

  • Troy

    As I said before. I have seen him, felt him, tasted him, and yes-did him. The ass is world class! Surprised he doesn&apost have a steelers tatoo on the other cheek.

  • big black dick

    take it all

  • JimmyDean

    i luv the color of ur skin, macho!

  • daryl

    soccer player ? amazing legs and ass. WOW

  • Jeff

    This is his hottest self pic yet! Keep them coming!

  • Rick

    Soooo hot !!

  • Snarky1

    That outlet ain&apost the only that&aposs gonna get plugged!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhys

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  • Robert

    where&aposs the furniture?

  • barret

    His body lines are perfect and he reeks of sensual overload. My tongue would work every inch of his body and every opening

  • clyde

    Omg... his legs and that smooth ass are just prime... what a body!

  • jay

    That is the biggest power outlet in the world

  • DYLF

    so original, sexy, but kind of a waste &aposcause a man this hot should be taking my hard cock, or somebody else&aposs, up his ass. for some reason the blue socks add to the appeal, yes?

  • Connor

    Forget the dildo; let me plow your ass.

  • DYLF

    And the 2010 Dildie Award goes to...

  • Nawtyboi

    Is that the most you can take???!!!

  • Kris

    This is the fish tatoo hottie that keeps posting on here. I think he should have his own section. Wow !

  • felix

    Uh... I don&apost think you&aposre doing it right.

  • bellerophon

    HOT...lemme take the place of that dildo...

  • cordelia conchshell

    nice electrical outlet

  • Ernest

    Wow....guy keeps that body in SHAPE...

  • flyers

    very sexy for an older guy. way to go. let&aposs so your face next time!

  • RW

    Give me a shout so I can help you out with that.

  • milo

    wow so sexy

  • Frankixes

    I want some

  • $22020560

    Don&apost let it tip over, you&aposll NEVER get the carpet fibers off that thing!

  • Akuten

    So hot

  • Yummy

    Holy moly that&aposs hot

  • pete

    Oh I wanna see you take it up the ass !!!

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