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November 26, 2010 - 07:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tad

    @YY, let me get in there and cum in his ass before you tongue it. i&aposd love to watch you eat my load out of him

  • YY

    @Mitch...I&aposd love to see him get gang banged too. Then I&aposd feast on his ass and eat out all the loads of jizz.

  • Jack

    Wow! Now that&aposs a nice ass!

  • Ben

    Please give us a action shot with that play toy Pretty please !

  • smitty

    Hot and Great Legs !

  • Marc

    Like said above. This hot stud looks like a fuck toy

  • Steve O

    I love all your pics. Keep them coming ! Interactive with your amazing ass would be awesome

  • Rick

    Great body and what an ass but you know that hole gets fucked and creampie a lot. One of those &apos made to be fucked&apos types

  • alfaphucker

    I wanna fuck this hot ass until he&aposs wide open :D

  • marc

    I want to marry you and then breed every inch of your hot ass body!

  • K

    hot as fuck! wished I could dive into that hot hole right now!

  • Mitch

    I wanna see this guy get gang fucked and abused!

  • Seth

    Trust me. If you live near this dude he is easy to lay and he is a hot lay! For more

  • InShockandAwe

    you better tie a rope to it first

  • jonny0610

    This pic is hot as FUCK! jonnyj358@GMAIL.COM

  • Anonymous

    i wanna fuck this guy so bad!

  • Rich

    My buddy has done you! No joke

  • LA

    I&aposd tap that ;)


    i think u better lay off the dildos for a while by the size of your hole,

  • shatterprince

    please sit down, the anticipation is killing me!

  • milo

    back! yes still loving it. tho the other was better

  • Seymore Buttz

    Sit on it !!!!!!!

  • JM

    I could feast on this ass for hours

  • Joey

    Super Hott!!!

  • Gerónimo

    Quieres el mío? es rico y natural!

  • Anonymous

    Oooo I love it when you post. Maybe one day I&aposll be as hunky and as willing of a bottom as you are :)

  • Smith

    Love the athletic legs ( soccer? ) and how nice and round that ass is.

  • Fred

    WOW! Very hot! Can we please see your body without the shirt? Face would be even better.

  • Orfeo12

    God DAMN this is hot!

  • Frankie

    Wow. . .Nice and Smooth looking. I would like to have a taste of that ass. Yum! Yum!

  • Seth

    Tatoo stud keeps getting hotter n hotter. That ass is to die for

  • Thom

    nice ass, now face your ass towards the mirror, set back and take another picture. looks like ya have a pretty hot body too.

  • GunnySir

    I would be happy to replace that dildo with my hard throbbing cock! and pound you for hours!

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