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November 30, 2010 - 01:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Matt

    You&aposre blue dabadedabadadabadedabada

  • Lozza

    you are hot lol
    if ur straight bby add me on fb

  • bro

    i just blue myself

  • redraco

    I think the avatat guys where hot and so are you and would also like to see you all blue

  • temp

    Is it all blue I want to see it please.

  • i wanna see your blue dick too

  • Matt

    I&aposve never thought of Avatar characters as really being hot - but damn I wish you weren&apost wearing any pants right now, and you had the blue makeup applied all the way down...

  • Ben

    balls too?

  • Anonymous

    if you need help washing that blue stuff off, i&aposm your shower buddy!

  • Wow

    What? No shot of the blue balls? Lol.


    What&aposs got you feeling so blue?

  • JohnWPB

    Awwww... why so blue?

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