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November 30, 2010 - 12:30 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon


  • jonny0610

    Damn that dick looks amazing!

  • just saying

    Perfect in every way. You just inspired me to start working out again.

  • 11


  • Who Else

    I&aposm seriously in love! More pics please!

  • John

    That&aposs one of the most beautiful cocks I&aposve ever seen!

  • InShockandAwe

    absolutely lovely

  • Carlos

    great body, awesome cock, fuck me now please ;)

  • CW

    Absolutely Fucking Delicious - i am SURE!

  • jap guy

    that&aposs why i love men.

  • I think what you have is PERFECTION as well. I am most impressed and would love to see more!

  • DYLF

    glorious. absolutely perfect, i agree. wow.


    damn dude that is a beautiful cock. awesome body too love to suck on that

  • D

    i love everything about what i can see!

  • Fred

    I can&apost improve on what was already stated other than "Thank you very much!".

  • Anonymous

    Fuck me now!

  • tattooedjonny

    Holy shit dude! I would so tear your ass up!

  • milo

    woo great chubby dick and uncut!

  • justin

    if only shaved smOoth, love an uncut cock

  • q188r

    you can&apost spell happiness without penis.....

  • luigimail

    absolutely outstanding!

  • D

    OMG Fuck me now. That cock is smoking hot. I wish I could grab it, suck it, fuck it, and feel you cum in my tight ass.

  • Anonymous

    the light shining down on you makes me think you&aposre a god sent down from heaven above. with that body, i believe it!

  • Nate

    Love the clean shaven look. Don&apost change a thing.

  • Anonymous

    I will take you JUST the way you are... besides, hair just makes it harder for me to lick all the cum off of your six pack!

  • Mike

    Wow. Just need a little bit more hair allowed to grow and = P E R F E C T.

  • Logan

    Dude, you&aposre perfect. Marry me.

  • Rob

    Absolutely magnificent!!!

  • TNT

    WOW!!!! Please post more....

  • Jeremiah

    Another example of God&aposs design talents..

  • nate

    here let me hold that

  • jay

    wow, that&aposs somethin&apos special...

  • Geronimo

    Re hiper bueno! Mamable! comible! lamible! chupable! seré tu exclavo papito cuando quieras!

  • Normie99

    Except for the manscaping, perfection!

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