Guys With iPhones

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November 30, 2010 - 12:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Great nuts

  • What a tiny egg u have there

  • OJ

    lol been holding it in ?


    I wanna make those monster nuts spit!!!

  • jonny0610

    E-020 Would love to get that dick hard!

  • Surfacer

    Is that an organic egg? I much the brown eggs over the white eggs.


    actually paul The function of the prostate is to store and secrete a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance, that usually constitutes 25-30% of the volume of the semen.

    the rest come from the testes and the bulbourethral glands

  • Guest

    Anonymous, cum doesn&apost come from the balls, it comes from the prostate.
    bkc, there&aposs nothing on the lens - the picture is grainy because there wasn&apost enough light.

  • InShockandAwe

    wow what a mouthful .... and that cock looks delish too ... thanks E-020

  • Matt

    yum yum yum


    nice balls dude

  • E-020

    It&aposs a chicken egg and my balls are not salined... It&aposs all natural :) enjoy guys!

  • b_k_c

    if that&aposs a real phone pic... wipe the cum off the lense... geesh

  • Eric

    I love comparison pics. Hot!

  • secret

    Would love to lick those balls and swallow your load! please post more or hit me up

  • Ben

    not quail eggs....but saline!

  • Freak

    And I thought I had seen everything on GWiP. LOL

  • John W

    OMG! Those are the largest balls I&aposve ever seen! I&aposm turned on but I&aposm also concerned that it&aposs a medical condition.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, how much cum can you pump out of those balls? I&aposd love to find out.

  • Anonymous

    I love washing balls... but you may pose a challenge!! I love challanges!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Using quail eggs doesn&apost work. We&aposre on to your trick.

  • Frank Bosco

    I thought the saying was: Dont put all your eggs on your basket!!

  • jay

    those nuts are bigger&aposn eggs! yum

  • Geronimo

    Los 3 huevos quiero comerlos fritos! Hummmmmmmm!!!!

  • JacobJanson

    Holy fucking yum

  • Carlos

    OMG I wanna suck those balls!!!

  • Michael


  • MS

    Is that an egg?!

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