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November 30, 2010 - 05:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon


  • Anonymous

    Just call me !

  • Max

    Please no please no please no please

  • DNice

    dude you are nice....get at me

  • Anonymous

    Yummy and ouch at the same time! =D

  • jonny0610

    Photoshopped or not, who cares! Look @ that huge dick. And who the fuck needs a bed frame, the action isn&apost happening on the frame, but rather on the mattress and/or floor!

  • Red_Light

    You should do porn (with me) ;)

  • JP

    This is obviously not photoshopped. Seriously, any time someone with a huge cock posts......PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!! This would be an extremely tough shot....

    Nice cock bro! Post more!

  • Obvious

    TV: He has a long torso, with shorter legs. Not uncommon. Sheet isn&apost tucked in, that&aposs a Macbook and maybe they are? Or the light from the window is hitting the mirror reflecting light to the wall directly behind it. Put some thought into your statements.

  • DYLF

    TV you have a lot of good points:)

  • James

    Only in my dreams could I ever let that much equipment in side me, But if you like poppin cherrys, then maybe you can make my dream a reality.

  • TV

    I spend too much time looking at things in the backgrounds of pictures. For instance, from the waist up this guy looks normal. But from the waist down his legs appear really short. The matress on the right side sticks out more than the left side & what&aposs with the screen or monitor sitting on the bed. It doesnt look like a laptop. The walls also appear to be 2 different shades of white. Like I said I spend too much time deciphering stuff in the background which leads me to believe this is photo shopped.

  • Brandon

    Cumpletely speachless.... That&aposs just hott! I wonder what those sexy Tats say?

  • nanook

    photoshopped or not, too bad you couldn&apost have improved the picture by photoshopping on some pubes !!!!

  • Anonymous

    aside from the obvious, you&aposre chest is terrific and your legs are athletic. nice feet!

  • Geronimo

    Que ricura! que delicia!

  • InShockandAwe

    definitely a weapon of ass destruction

  • Carlos

    simply AWESOME!!!! and if that&aposs photoshop (which I believe not) then THANK GOD FOR PHOTOSHOP!! man you look really really hot!

  • Brian

    OMG your cock is very nice and big!! I would love to have your big beautiful cock up my ass!!

  • Matt

    nice body and dick man

  • DYLF

    one of the most impressive pieces of meat ever, wow. even allowing for the optics of being close to the mirror. very sexy thickness, veins, cock head, trim job. would love to see a clearer photo, better lighting. to see this in all its ass splitting glory. thank you for making my morning wood a lot woodier!

  • JH

    That is one hot bod and mouthwatering COCK! Sexy!

  • Djdan

    That is so hot! Nice huge cock!

  • Big-ouchie-yummy

    I&aposd, at least, attempt to get it in.


    I hope you like to fuck.


    dude what a beautiful cock . I would love to be down on my knees worshipping that dick hit me up at


    I am dude what a beautiful cock . I would love to be down on my knees worshipping that dick hit me up at

  • Jim

    fuck my ass big boy, i want ur massive cock inside me

  • irish stud

    yes please

  • Brian

    Holy shit thats a nice dick

  • D

    marry me... please! :)

  • E-020

    Hot meat dude! Could play with that for hours! Me:

  • None-ya


  • madmax

    oh, yeah, baby, stay right there, i&aposll be right over to bend right over!

  • Fred

    Now, that&aposs a penis! Thanks for sharing! I hope to see more of you in the future.

  • yew

    damn hot body and tatts man. that cock is amazing also

  • UncleRobbie

    That would look so much better inside me.

  • Hung

    You wish your cock was that big! Another bad Photoshop job for the size queens to drool over.

  • rob

    dam thats some cock !

  • temp

    Are you kidding me I could get in front of that shit yeah!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That is one giant dick.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG! Would love to ride you!

  • milo

    woo pure blitz

  • Marcos

    damn papi, throw me down on that
    matress and fuck me all night long.

  • mj


  • Anonymous

    get a bed frame!

  • Eric

    Damn that is nice.

  • D.A.

    Batter up!!! Hell yeah!!!!

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