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November 30, 2010 - 04:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Maurice

    I&aposm a fan of the shaved pubes! Great cock!!

  • element_lad

    not a fan of the shaved pubes

  • nanook

    when the pubes grow back, leave &aposem alone, dude !!!!

  • Anonymous

    i don&apost get it... you&aposve got all that sexy tummy hair that i would love to nuzzle my face in, but then you shave your pubes clean... you&aposre a sexy guy but i think you&aposd look better with the torso hair and matching pubes!

  • JC

    reading the comments, i can tell it&aposs a 50/50 love of the pubes, or lack of.
    i must agree that your natural bush would go perfectly with your hairy tummy.
    nevertheless, you are HOT and at least you have the guts to post your pics for everyone (including me) to leave their opinion.

  • randy

    cutr lil weiner , shaved or not, i love a shaved man

  • Guest

    Someone got carried away. Ooops. LOL! Don&apost worry, it will grow back.

  • Ball fan

    Omg, where&aposd your balls go?

  • Geronimo

    Peladito peladito

  • Freak

    Sweetie, you need to leave some hair down there. Just trimm it, don&apost shave it all

  • Rob

    Holy shaved pubes, batman! That is beautiful!!

  • Brian

    Nice cock!!

  • mikey

    Wow... I know it&aposs not, but it looks photoshopped because of the pubes (or lack thereof)


    I think you&aposre sexy as hell dude. Nice cock. Love the shave pubes

  • Theron Gouzoulis

    Awwwww!!!!!!!!Hairy belly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InShockandAwe

    oh if my chin were that sink

  • Anonymous

    Nice, but not a fan of fully shaved pubes.

  • Jay

    On what would otherwise be a photo of an extremely hot guy, the shaved pubes are just a huge turn-off.

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