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November 30, 2010 - 05:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • Tache7

    Good toned, hairy body - lovely.   Any chance that the bush is as good?


    I hope your ass crack is as hairy. Swap pics? Let&aposs lay out all the puzzle pieces on the table.

  • Garet

    Hands down one of the sexiest pictures on this site!

  • Anonymous


  • Matt

    Soooo fucking sexy.

  • kevin

    I like how people insult me and call me names because I think the heads photoshopped, lol. Some angry horny people on here.

  • Mike

    Here are the legs that go with the rest of that perfection...wish we could see all the way to the feet too!

  • jonny0610

    WoW Mike, your fantasies are pretty hot!

  • element_lad

    I&aposm going to go with too good to be real

  • berndog

    I knew if I lived long enough I&aposd see the return of the bush.

  • WOW!
    He is gorgeous!
    Anyone know who this guy is?
    Give him my number!

  • Pope Archibald IV

    ......... and don&apost forget that it&aposs "i before e, except after c".

  • Anonymous

    @ michael. Thanks for the English lesson but I was busy teasing one out whilst I was typing....

  • K

    wow is that garden of Eden?

  • just saying

    I&aposm not really into hairy guys but with you I would make an exception. Your hot.

  • G

    Just all of the above. Wow.

  • dman

    DAYUM!!! That bulge is bout to bust that pouch open. Hope you let it out for us to see soon for sure dude

  • Michael

    There are guys all over the world pumping out loads of their cum, thinking about you while they&aposre doing it. You&aposre a coaxer of got the power. Pretty cool, eh?

    I can imagine that in the past a lot of guys you&aposve seen or met, in the gym, etc. gay, and straight but wishing they were gay, have jerked off while imagining sucking your cock, eating your ass, fucking you, getting fucked by you or getting head from you. But now you&aposve actually got groupies. Very cool.

  • Michael

    OK -

    1. @Kevin - you're an idiot.

    2. The rest of you - learn how to differentiate between the contraction "you're" for "you are", and the possessive adjective of YOUR, meaning "belonging to you, you, yours".... PLEASE. You make gay guys look pretty dumb as far as YOUR spelling in YOUR comments.

    3. Mister Hottie in the picture - YOU'RE perfect, but definitely you could do a little "edging" around the bushes there, just a little.

    4. Marry me - we'd make really pretty babies!

  • James

    so photoshopped...but he&aposs a hot fantasy for sure ;oP would love to see the fat piece of meat under that jockstrap !!! Yum !

  • Dan

    I like the jockstrap but please do one without it. So I can die happy.

  • D

    @Kevin, if you don&apost know anything about photoshop and photography - don&apost comment!
    I can take pic of you that your head will be smaller than ur balls with iPhone camera. lol

  • Hauer

    In my wildest dreams, this is what I imagine Darren Criss would look like almost naked. Hehe

  • Steven

    My birthday is this Saturday. Why can&apost I have you with some chocolate frosting??

  • Robert

    Is this a record for the number of comments?

  • Jay

    HOLY SHIT! I&aposd be happy just to roll around on top of you for awhile!

  • nanook

    You need to seriously consider NOT manscaping !!!! ever !!!!

  • Freak

    OMG you just got proposed by the hottest guy on GWiP, Dmi. Glad to see the number of responses you&aposve gotten. I guess cero mamscaping is still prefered. Yay!

  • Kris

    JC, I love your passion about hairy guys and I argee 100%

  • Kurt

    @Kevin, you&aposre crazy! No way is the head photoshopped! He just has a big head...and the head in his jock looks big too! Lol

  • Anonymous

    I wanna lick all your hair. That is a hot looking chest. Don&apost listen to those that ask you to manscape. Your hot with all that hair

  • JC

    nothing gets me going like an overflowing bush! PLEASE know that many, many guys out there are looking for non-manscaped guys who are proud of their hirsute bodies!

  • Kris

    Perfectly hairy! I hope we will get to see your cock, looks like you have a wonderfully full, natural bush.

  • jt

    Hell yes! you are soo hot. love the bod and the body hair. Total yum!!

  • ozzy

    okay. move over ben affleck and ryan reynolds...this is a gourgeous MAN! the porn studios should be knocking on your door!

  • Harry

    @Kyle, stick to the smooth twinks if that&aposs what you like....this guy is fuckin hot! He doesn&apost need any manscaping!

  • Carlos

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!! Man... you have to definitely be in the top most handsome, sexy and hot guys of 2010!!! cannot wait to see more of you. Really... you look AMAZING!!! Please never shave that gorgeous body.

  • Andy

    Rob must be a tea bagger....he doesn&apost like to suck on hairy balls. I think you&aposre perfect just the way you are!

  • GingerSnapz

    Lawd, have mercy...

  • kevin

    Hot body but no one notices that the head is obviously photoshopped on? Look how big his head is and how it doesn&apost match. You guys are off your game, lol.

  • Adam

    I would love to see the view from the back!

  • DYLF

    absofuckinlutely beautiful. wow. the low-riding jock just accentuates your gorgeousness. congratulations.

  • Eddie

    OMG Fucking perfect!!

  • Geronimo

    Que maravilla! mi remedio perfecto

  • Beautiful ! Gorgeous everything ! =D Thanks for sharing ! -


    Don&apost mansacpe are fuckin HOT

  • Freak

    This is a MAN

  • Andy

    Holy moly that is some amazing chest hair. Loving the jock too!

  • D

    lets get married! me:

  • Rob

    Love a handsome man in a jockstrap - manscaped or not. It would be great if you were hairy except for your balls

  • Marco

    Absolutely. I would do you in a heartbeat -- or you could do me. Unless, of course, you&aposre as smart as I am, and then I&aposd hate you &aposcause you&aposd be perfect.

  • jay

    Don&apost shave a thing. If you can&apost find a top that likes hot hairy bottoms, you aren&apost looking hard enough

  • Shawn

    Holy Hell! Rape me please! Nice hairy pecs and thighs.....yum!

  • Brian

    OMG you&aposre HOT!! Love all your hair and the looks of a nice thick cock!!

  • mikey

    Please post more!

  • Anonymous


  • Theron Gouzoulis

    Hairy weary baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Do not &aposmanscape&apos ever! That&aposs for girls and your 100% beef jerkey.

  • Thom

    Unleash the monster!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Way HOT!! and how great that you have not marked up your body with tacky tatts..

  • PJ

    *swoons* *faints* and that&aposs not even seeing what looks to be a big thick dick. :D


    do you know if your sexy body. damn your hot

  • This is my idea of heaven

  • chinesesmoothie

    holy jesus this is TOP TOP TOP

  • Luke

    Holy cow! You&aposre one hot man. Love all that hair. Would love to snuggle with that at night. And whatevers in the jock, looks great too.

  • BonerMuch

    Fuck ! Your sooo hot ! !


  • ScottyP.

    Wow is all I can think of to say...

  • InShockandAwe

    definitely a 4-H&aposer ..... Hot, Hairy, Horney and Hung

  • OmahaMatt

    love it! so hot!

  • Somnambulist


  • Hunter

    fucking sexy dude.

  • A man with hair ob his body, a real man in my books. Thanks Man

  • mike

    dude ur in the top ten at least!

  • UncleRobbie

    Looks like you&aposre carrying a heavy load, my friend. Why don&apost you let me give you a hand... or something?

  • Jimmy

    Wow. Adorable. Love your sexy, hairy, hot body too!!

  • Kyle

    You need some serious manscaping.

  • John

    Oh my lord in heaven he is hot!

  • Wade

    Damn ur hot!

  • jon

    Holy shit! You are hot. Unload that jock, please!

  • ??

    So fucking hot! Love all the fur!

  • Antoine

    Humm !!! I&aposm in love !!! I want you guy !!!

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