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Matthew Rush

December 10, 2010 - 01:30 PM
Matthew Rush on Guys with iPhones
  • Anonymous

    unnatural but hot. lol

  • jonny0610

    Love Matthew Rush, would love for him to fuck me!

  • ruy


  • Peter

    thanks @Andy there is a time where to big is to BIG,

  • Andy

    Do people really find this attractive? He looks like he is filled with air. So unnatural.

  • Meek A. Mowse

    You&aposre so big I&aposd be afraid you&aposd crush me--be gentle though.....!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think if I saw thie meat man at my gym, wearin this, I would have to JO immediately

  • Nek Bbew

    matthew soo freekn umm umm good!!! i want some :-)

  • PopEye

    After working out the arms they tend to stick out like this for about 30-minuets, and then everything goes back to normal.

  • Anonymous

    never get enough rush

  • Aussie boy

    Arms looking bigger then ever mr rush

  • jon

    Always just to HOT Hall of Fame 4 Ever See Ya in Philly !

  • musclefans

    Great it's Mathew Rush!

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