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December 31, 2010 - 12:05 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Scubashon

    Hot hot hot,oh yea did I say hot



  • Tache7

    Again I say great bod, good bushy and promising cock, but won't be able to comment further until you post a good cock shot.

  • Tache7

    Good bod and bush

  • Darkelf63

    Hi Daddy!

  • RobbieBare

    WOOF!!! Hot Daddy. I would swallow every inch of ya big black snake.

  • Anonymous

    very very nice

  • myke

    you do have a nice body and good looking dick that&aposs kissable hmhm

  • Dan

    Amazing. You remind me of a guy I&aposve seen in a few films, minus dreadlocks...

  • Joshua Ryan

    No guys like you where I live!!

  • Lee

    You&aposre sooooo sexy Love the bald head and the body and Jeez you&aposre packing hit me up 24 year old african american.

  • Lee

    Damn you&aposre sexy as hell. Love the bald head and gosh you&aposre body is amazing hit me up

  • chaetophile

    hmm I just noticed...did the iphone autofocus on the dust on its lens? I can&apost think of another explanation of the little sharp bits in the blurry image. Sir? Could you take another, sir? Please? We&aposd all be much obliged.

  • Nek Bbew

    i think i have a crush

  • sameflavor

    Fantastic! You&aposre rocking three things I love. Great body, no tats messing it up, pubic hair(which I&aposve always found sexy) and a magnificent dick. Whoa. Guess that&aposs four things huh? Lol. Happy New Year bruh.

  • Anonymous

    Very sexy!

  • todd

    i gotta give credit... and i can certainly appreciate guys that continue to take care of themselves.....even as they age some. smoking hot body my man... he total package.

  • chaetophile

    What a spectacular man. Is that a tattoo on your midriff?

  • brent hoffman

    OMG very hot

  • Butchie

    I have always had a thing for mature guys and you are a real hottie...Great body and a nice big dick...

  • Jason

    i was gonna say I don&apost know where to begin. but for EVERYTHING begins and ends with cock. And yours is as superb as the rest of you. Like accommodating white boys? I&aposm yours.

  • ilik2lckem

    Fucking awesome Playa! That dick looks like it is on POINT

  • Dan

    Been waiting for that pic for weeks! Now I feel greedy asking for more...... More please!

  • Geronimo

    Que magestuosidad! quieres casarte conmigo? Marry me please!


    Yum!!! :P

  • jm

    Yes, the Goddess certainly knew what She was doing when she made the Black Man!

  • Onyx

    Finally, we get to see the Beast uncovered! You&aposre gorgeous.

  • mykel

    I love you!!! Will you marry me...

  • Blkthunderkat

    U are just a full package. Attracive nice body and well equippted!!!!

  • Darren


  • Nek Bbew

    holy crap,..very very sexy,,..dang - delicious

  • rick

    YOU are just so fucking MAGNIFICENT!

  • Brian W.

    Wow! Sexy and Mature, perfect ingredients for a fun time. Oh, and that thick meat, Wow! Everything would be perfect if I found out that you were here in Texas.

  • ScottyP.

    NICE! Great body, hot cock, a real monster and I love that nice full bush!

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