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December 31, 2010 - 06:00 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • S

    Perfect ass and body ! I could eat this ass for days

  • Rupaul

    I don&apost think that&aposs his real hair.

  • A Fan

    This is the same guy who posted all those pics with the dildo. His tat and thong tan-line give him away.

  • Pr

    Trust me, he is a hot fuck. Been there, tasted, rimmed, fucked and used him. A signature fuck!

  • SF-D

    that ass needs fucked...!!

  • thonglovertx

    SUCH a sexy tan line!

  • Keith

    It is it is the bubble assed tat hottie that I have done from the burgh. It is an amazing piece of ass!

  • K

    look at that tat. looks like the famous guy-with-perfect-ass.

  • Nawty # 69

    I see you&aposve assumed that position as instructed sailor lol !!!!!!! Nice ass, semen (sic) !!!!!!!

  • C.Men

    Great place for me to anchor my dick !!!!!!!

  • Stp

    I want that red sailors hat !! Where do I find it?

  • raul1188


  • Tristian

    You seem to be missing your Dildo for that amazing ass

  • Jim

    sit that hot ass on my face and let me eat it out

  • jonny0610

    What an ass!

  • Matt

    lol - is that the same hat that the dog in the picture is wearing?

    Seriously, why the hat? Does nothing for the image.

  • Rick

    Royal British navy I do believe. Amazing ass but I do see the fish tattoo that has been found on here before. Love you

  • marc

    someone heated that ass up nicely. mighty sweet, saylor

  • tottie

    would love to get in that

  • Geronimo

    Very good! Happy new years!

  • Robert

    You are one sexy man from behind. Your neck. Your shoulders. That gorgeous ass.

    I&aposd love to see your front side!

  • LA Rob

    That beautiful ass can make me overlook the horrendous wallpaper.

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