Guys With iPhones

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December 31, 2010 - 10:05 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • argyle

    Holy, crap! Slurp!

  • Steve

    Rule #1 for self pics... Clean the mirror... Its a lil distracting!!! But u r totally hott anyway!

  • Jackie

    your dick is really hot and so are you but i would love to see your face and abs i bet you have a sixpack ;) you could fuck me anytime if you were straight :( i bet you aren&apost ohh yeah heres my email

  • ryan -

    damn. hot dude, i really want to suck that cock.

  • james

    omg everything in this picture is perfect! nice arms

  • david in chgo

    your floor mounted heater needs some repair!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome cock man. Love it. Keep posting.

  • Dr. Know

    Your dick is smokin&apos hottt, but it&aposs time to re-up on the t-paper :) !!!!!!!!!!!


    damn what a beautiful cock you have

  • Brian

    Damn.. nice cock!!

  • himarty1

    How does such a skinny guy have such a awesome dick?

  • Carlos

    Very nice cock!!! would love to suck that tasy mushroom head...then feel it inside me ;)

  • doppelcock

    Your dick is identical to mine!

  • Geronimo

    Magnífico! Very beautiful! maravilloso! Fuck me, please! Happy new year, daddy

  • Frankfury

    That is one beautiful cut cock you have, you should show your face I&aposm sure it&aposs beautiful as well..

  • Ernesto

    OMG it&aposs my cock-twin! lolz

  • Hornyboi

    Nice fat dick & hairy bush !!!!!!!!!

  • glen

    Nice dick! Shame your a clipperer!

  • Hot

  • guy

    Nice cock

  • ge

    it looks tastyyyy!

  • Robert

    very nice

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