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Davey Wavey

January 5, 2011 - 03:05 AM
Davey Wavey on Guys with iPhones
  • AB

    Haha so scandalous! NOT Love you though!

  • Daveyworshipper

    DAVEY WAVEY, AAAAAAHHHH XD, MY body&aposs gonna FUCKING explode, (penis throbbing, heart throbbing, asshole pulsating, stomach flipping, ETC....)

  • Demetri

    Davey :]

    You inspire me.

  • Gabriel

    Oh. My. Gawd.

  • Me

    Ugh, Davey Wavey makes me sick.

  • keithandrew

    Yeah. Too bad he&aposs NOT a celebrity. Internet "fame" doesn&apost count.

  • Chris

    Haha, Davey Wavey! Your naked pics are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alfredo

    he&aposs the cutest youtube celeb ever lol

  • Nay

    sooner or later you would have to put on here :o)

  • Dick

    oh my fucking god, thats davey wavey! Hi Davey Wavey, looking mighty fine in those red get nakid!

  • GT

    C'mon Davey you need to post a naked pic here! You have a really nice piece between your legs and your bubble butt is even better! ;-)

  • Scott

    I respect the work Davey has obviously put into his body to be in such great shape, but I also think that as an "online personality" he&aposs a bit overexposed and overrated. Does it ALWAYS have to be about displaying the pecs with him? I&aposm just saying.

  • B

    I seriously heart Davey Wavey!!

  • Geronimo

    Encantado de conocerlo, Sr.! Más fotos por favor!

  • Chris

    his nude pics are better

  • Tosh.O

    Who the fuck is Davey Wavey? Never heard of him.

  • Andy

    Sexy as always!

  • Brian

    Hi Davey. Big fan, you should take off more. You were less on your blog

  • K

    :O --- love the expression!

  • jm

    Damn! Davey Wavey! I&aposm a big fan!

  • Justin

    DaveyWavey, you are super hot!

  • D.A.

    Davey!! I&aposm surprised that you graced us on this medium, but thanks for the pic you sexy boy!!!

  • babo

    I was wondering why I hadn&apost seen him here before!

  • Blogbuddie

    Davey I loved the story of your Grandfather not getting it the other day.

  • excité

    cute - it&aposs that guy from youtube. ooooooh, my goooooodddd!!!

  • Jim

    hot, really hot. now lose the undies and pants

  • saywhat

    Davey Wavey! Hi :D

  • jay

    Hot! It&aposs Davey Wavey from Youtube!

  • Ivo Kern-Schmeltze

    Davey Wavey!

  • OMG its Davey Wavey...hes Gorgeous :)

  • lostrb

    Davey Wavey, wow, never thought I&aposd see you on here... Show more!!! (grin)

  • Jon

    looking good Davey!!

  • jdog

    daveywavey! nice boobs ;)

  • ashumz

    I watch your youtube videos all the time!!!
    ashumz1988 on facebook :D

  • Rich

    hey....isn&apost that Davey Wavey from youtube?

  • Mark

    OMG, Davey Wavey! /facepalm

  • Markus_James

    Sweet Lord in the morning, its Davy effin Wavy

  • temp

    Is that you Davie wavie from youtube, so cute?

  • UncleRobbie

    Hi Davey Wavey! Smooches!

  • Matt

    Davey Wavey!

  • Cody

    It&aposs Davey Wavey! Love you man! Glad to see you on here!

  • Robert Reed

    I love you davey wavy!

  • dax

    Yay its Daveywavey I love you xxx and so want to see you naked hehehe

  • dobby

    Davey Wavey! Let us see more!

  • Michael

    Yay it&aposs Davey Wavey!

  • Jonaaatthannn

    davey wavey!!

  • Mark

    It&aposs Davey Wavey

  • david in chgo

    hi, davey wavey! you&aposre lookin&apos good, as usual!

  • Sawyer

    Davey Wavey? :D

  • mad_1188

    OUH MY GAUD! I love you Davey! Your the best!

  • Geoff


  • gayguy

    your that gay guy.

  • Joseph

    awww...Davey! Always so handsome

  • q

    It&aposs Davey!!! Hi Davey!!


    Hmmm u look familiar!? Anyways Hot bod!!!

  • anonymous

    Davey! Show us your cock!!! You&aposre so hot!!!

  • uc boi

    Yum!!! If you didn&apost get your foreskin for Christmas i got one you can play with.

  • liam


  • Kyan

    OMG it&aposs davey wavey! -

  • John

    Wavey Davey, you&aposre sooooo cute!!!

  • Johnathan

    Hey nice bod. I thought you look familiar I&aposm subcribed to you YouTube channel DavyWavy

  • bigboy229

    Davey Wavey!
    - Him, haha. Look at those muscles!

  • lane

    OMG! It&aposs Davey Wavey! "Hey, blog buddie!"

  • Kenny

    Oh lord yes! let me come take care of that for you.. :o)

  • Youtube celebrity! Cute XD

  • Montreal

    Aww davey wavey is adorable :)

  • Dude in Raleigh

    I luv Davey Wavey :-)

  • dallasjj

    Davey Wavey!!!!

  • PR

    Post your nudes Davey Wavey! We know you have them!

  • Travis

    Davey Wavey! ((: -

  • Ernesto

    Hot rack!

  • Thoov

    Davey is that you??

  • Nicky

    Davey! What are you doing in there! Come out of the bathroom immediately!

  • boomboom

    Take it all off Davey :)

  • tim

    haha davey

  • Mason

    Finally an appearance from Davey Wavey! :D

  • chris


  • Andy70

    Yes, I ordered the cute beef, thank you. :P

  • G

    Thanks DW!

  • DaveyWavey you sexy mofo, i love you!!!!

  • Dustin

    haha oh Davey Wavey, you&aposre so cute

  • Ben

    Davey...cute pic as always!

  • John

    Davey your H O T!

  • RD

    Davey Wavey!!! Love ya guy!!

  • Mike

    Marry Me Davy Wavy!

  • bigjock

    Awe Davey your so cute

  • Kio

    Is that Davey Wavey?!

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