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January 12, 2011 - 04:00 AM
Guys with iPhones
  • Kee

    You got great front and back view. I need a boyfriend like you. Totally hot! Tease us some more. Great picture.

  • Kyle

    Oh. My. God.
    Please, fuck me now!
    Email me for a good time? :)

  • RomeoX

    Damn! Can somone link to his other pix?

  • Danny

    hey Alex, hit me up I would like to see if you have a facebook or something so we can become friends lol

  • Leo

    You&aposre hot and you look like a friend of mine.

  • will

    very sexy...kiss ur mother for me

  • Radley

    WOW~ Great pic! Yes please post more!!!!! You got fans here with hard ons LOL!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Alex, it&aposs not about what you posted before! It&aposs about what you will post again! Do it, bro! Post more. Same pose, same spot, no clothes. e-mail me @

  • Alex.

    wow guys, thanks for all your sexy comments! There is no socks, smoke or mirrors, mother nature was generous hahaha... I&aposve posted before Ajay! Cheers to all you!

  • AJay

    Sexy... Havn&apost u posted before?

  • Chris

    OMG.... you are soooooo HOT.... take off your underwear... we want to see more :D

  • timpest

    Fuck you look 100% yummy dude!!!!!!

  • adam

    Simply beautiful.

  • james

    I dont think its a cup, you can see the cock and balls outline :D

  • BB

    Wow, you are just so fuckin gorgeous. I love your hair, lips, eye&aposs, hands, your skin colour, your butt and your legs, your hight too looks great all in proportion. I love your under wear such a tees. Mmmm make love with me. & love for you to get in touch and chat

  • Nate

    You are fine. I&aposd do you. I&aposm betting you are one helluva power bottom.

  • Xavi

    Que rico papacito

  • Geronimo

    Lindo por donde se lo mire! Beautiful!

  • DotComInDE

    I agree...VERY HOT! But it looks like the bulge is actualy a cup.....Thoughts?

  • json11

    You are fine so fine!

  • Good lawd boy jot junk in the front and the back. This would have been hotter if you were naked and hard but just looking at this pic has got my imagination running 10 miles a minute

  • JH

    WOW! Would love to be in that dressing room with you. Would try that monster meat in my hole for one!

  • Anonymous

    DAMN! This is by FAR the best picture ever posted on this site. Creative, HOT, and fucking sexy! I wanna fuck that ass and watch the big dick flop up and down at the same time (you have proven it&aposs very possible). Now, do it with the shorts off!

  • tim

    dayuM!!! post some more ass shots!!

  • J.L.

    Nice butt, bulge and legs, hmmmm I&aposm in love!!!!

  • oliver -

    super hot and sexy

  • JL

    i would so be on my knees sucking u off in there now!!!

  • Caslon

    Hot from every angle! Clever shot.

  • jm

    Excellent photo! You are definitely HOT (and creative).

  • Glenn (CA)

    I&aposd love to have my face right in that hot ass of yours.

  • reyov


  • Dewayne


  • Carlos

    Very hot ass and bulge!!!

  • .andy.

    impressive package and smoking hot ass, loose the shirt next time.

  • alfaphucker

    Sexy fucker&aposs packing it front and back... :)

  • liam

    looking good from every angle.

  • Smith


  • $22020560

    This is more of a success than my mirror trick... :-)

  • KC

    Always fine, hot and beautiful. I would love to be there to take those clothes off for you. :) Sexy sexy man. Love ya!

  • justin


  • pedro

    You are totally hot

  • Andreas

    best use of dressing room mirrors ever. ...and great subject material. please keep posting!

  • Lee

    no matter what the are so hawt! just gorgeous body and pic 8-P you totally make those tightie whites yummy!!!

  • Eriq

    Mmmmm.....I&aposll take an order of you to go!


    Hot! Very hot....

  • Anonymous

    Tighty whities do it for me everytime!

  • depepsi

    Holy shit your hot! Anytime baby!

  • Anonymous

    big bulge, tight ass...yes please!!!

  • ussco

    wow hot

  • Babo

    Mmm what a great picture. In fact, it&aposs perfect cause I&aposd do you from all angles ;)

  • Andy70

    Nicely got every angle of your lovely bod.

  • TV

    your&apose hot from any angle you look at.

  • trckydck

    amazing shot!
    front, back, side all in one...ALL VERY BULGY PARTS =P

  • rik


  • G-Man

    Masculine, but sexy as hell. Wow! Love the legs, ass and lets not forget the package! Would love to have you for a lover/partner :P Wow!

  • John

    wow!!! very nice. front and backside! show us more of that big boy under those briefs!

  • Nick


  • AdvGuy

    NICE!!!! Now slide the briefs down so we can see the package AND the butt :)

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