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January 30, 2011 - 11:30 PM
Guys with iPhones
  • David Nicholas

    I want to ask you out on a date!

  • YY

    I&aposve got three fingers deep in my smooth ass while I picture you blowing @brad. I&aposd pay to lick your cum out of his ass.

  • Raul986

    Why does this guy never have his shirt off... All of us can obviously see he&aposs built like a god!

  • LadyRobRob

    That cock was made for sucking.

  • brit

    very nice look, penis is a bit big though

  • Yum!

  • Ray

    fuck you are hot man! If by any chance you happen to have more pics and are up to sending me some, I&aposd really appreciate it, hehe.

  • JD hit me up man fuck me hard

  • Mike D.

    It&aposs funny that even when a guy this hot posts such an amazing, mouth-watering photo, some bitter queens still have to get on here and bitch. Please, whores, you&aposd be down on your knees sucking that dick any chance you got. But you&aposd have to knock me out of the way first!

  • Zack

    Hey bro, great workout today, now work me out....HARD.

  • builtdiesel

    Damn damn damn!

  • builtdiesel

    Damn damn damn!

  • Jason.

    Now this is why I even keep tryin to see if theres gonna be anyone worth the time to scan through here,and then there you are,just breath taking,literally!You are what I want to see when I get on here,Perfect bro.Damn you&aposve got what I wish I had,&Thank You for lettin us bask in ur awesomeness:-)

  • Me

    Looks like you did the right thing by keeping the shirt on b/c your stomach is pushing out the tee.

  • bibachelor

    thank you God!

  • kelly

    youre very cute, and those arms! and of course the yummy penis. mmmm

  • Geronimo

    Muy bueno

  • rickielx

    I still don&apost understand why men shave their pubes, not cool (my opinion).

  • InShockandAwe

    want it .. need it ... got to have it

  • gabo

    Oh guys, you´re right. This man is almost perfect. Did you look his biceps?

  • josh

    damn are u fuckin fine. love everything--esp the smooth cock & balls. all ready for my mouth & tongue.

  • Den

    my god.. what a perfect men!


    Damn man.. Let me feed on that..

  • Wingnux

    I&aposd suck you all night long!

  • JH

    Hot Bro! Would love to do all sorts of naughty things to you!

  • Rhys

    DAYMMMMMMMMM! You&aposre fine man!! LOVE your cock!!!

  • Nightwing

    Perfect example of a man!!!

  • Carlos

    If you ever come to Mexico City let me know. I&aposd definitely love to take care of that hot cock of yours.

  • Jim

    nice cock, pound my hole with that big boy

  • Jason

    Very nice and cute! Would suck that dick dry!

  • Chris in Brooklyn

    @Kel - looking at a pic of a guy with a hardon and asking to blow a dude... yup, yer gay.

  • Andreas

    the only thing wrong with this pic is that your tee shirt is covering what appears to be an equally awsome torso. please post again.

  • flipper1

    really fucking hot....

  • Rick

    Now this is what a real man looks like. Dude you are fucking awesome.

  • Chris

    Man, you are sexy as hell! I mean nice body, cute face, and well.. you know. :)

  • mike

    damn hot man great cock i want more

  • Anonymous

    Dude. I would love to see you chow down on my big cock. I&aposd cock smack your face! Hard!

  • Eric

    Damn. You&aposre a fuckin&apos beast! Fuck as much as you want.

  • Kel

    im trying to figure out my sexuality and this is confirming i might be gay. Would u let a dude blow you?

  • Jeremiah

    Über hot!!!

  • Matt

    Damn boy.

  • Brian

    Damn you&aposre cute... Nice cock!! Would love to get a taste of your cock and then take it up the ass!

  • TyInTenn

    Reminds me how fun it is to suck a real man&aposs cock!

  • glen

    Nice BIG cock!

  • Anonymous

    Hell Yeah baby ! Woof !!!

  • Kyle S.

    HOLY SHIT! Hot man

  • david in chgo

    bravo, a round of applause with a standing ovation to YOU, sir for posting such a HOT pic of yourself!

  • Carlos

    Where are you, I&aposm wanna going to stay with you and have fun

  • lee

    darlin&apos you are supremely divine. A little beefy with some muscle. cute face with a little scruff. and a great cock! now lets see that ass for the final piece.

  • Suite 69

    Lookin&apos super hottt, bro !!!!!:)

  • jake

    WOW... now THATS ALL man... Dude you are HOT

  • Jr

    Fucking hot...!

  • J D


  • Nick

    This is why I&aposm gay. I love MEN. Not boys who tuck their dicks and carry handbags. Bravo sir

  • Chris

    yummy. are you gay?

  • alexis

    Thank you for sharing your gifts.


    wow dude you are fine as hell. Love that big cock. Send me some more pics.

  • Tyler

    Me likey

  • Neil

    Ur hot bro!!! If I wasn&apost taken...

  • Nelson

    You are really good looking! Take your shirt off too, please!

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